Is The Dude Really Into You?

Love cannot be easily interpreted. Many people think that love is something that someone made up. Today, love is so hard to find that many people are asking themselves how to get it.  I think that love has to come to you when it’s meant to be. Every psychic in the world will tell you that your soulmate is someone that understand you and wants to be with you. A soulmate is someone that we often need help finding.  A lot of people consult with their angels and spirit guides when it comes to finding someone to love and care about. If you think about it, love is something that a lot of people question for various reasons. I think that love is something unique and actually powerful.

When you think about the guy that you’re interested in, does he show you that he wants more from you? Is he looking to date or just toss you aside?  Many guys these days seem pretty shady. They often don’t want to give you the consideration and respect that you deserve. If you ask me, guys often want to just hook up and then dump you for another girl. However, you must rise above this and demand respect. Respect is something that is hard to find these days. Not everyone can find someone that respects them. In actuality, life is hard to deal with and cope with. I think that when we find someone that we can truly care for, we should hold onto them. However, don’t be a sucker for punishment. If the guy is showing you that he really doesn’t care about you, then it’s time to move on.  It’s best to let him go then to look at your life and feel like things may or may not work out.

Many guys give good signals. They often tell you what they want and need throughout time. If a guy is always trying to just text you, it may mean that he doesn’t really like you all that much. Guys that really want you are often calling, texting and asking you out on a date. If he is not doing it, the dude is probably not that into you. You need to ask yourself if it’s worth your time and effort. Most relationships these days are difficult to find. Most men and women find it hard to sit down with someone and have a good conversation with them about anything. Learn to listen to your heart and examine your true motives and intensions. What is it that you are truly looking for and wanting in your life? What matters most to you and can you learn how to trust another person again in your life.  Most women have gone through several relationships before they find the perfect man.

If your guy needs a little help in the love department, the truth will eventually come out and unfold. It often takes time and patience to get a guy to talk about you to his friends. Many guys today want to have a family, but are not willing to tie the knot. It is best to avoid certain types of guys for these reasons.


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  1. Very true. You often don’t know when someone is into you. However, you can try to figure out why something happens or takes place. I think that a relationship is often hard to figure out most of the time. I like to keep conversations as open as possible.


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