Love: It Is Either Me or Her

Many horoscope signs are fighting these days. They are trying to search for true meaning in their life in regards to love. Both women and men seem to be fighting for love because it’s due season.  Spring is finally upon us and we are seeing many couples having love.  Others are fighting like cats and dogs. It is hard to say why all of this drama is being created. Many women are trying to tell the men of their dreams that they want more.  Many women are saying that they have had it with their guy paying attention to another girl in Facebook. What is a girl to do if she cannot keep her man happy at home?

The signs are all there. Either figure this love thing out or let him go. It’s important to always express yourself to a guy that you truly care for. It’s important to look at your life and ask important questions like, “What is the purpose of my life and which way am I headed in love?”  Many guys don’t like to express themselves.  A lot of guys like to hang out on Twitter and Facebook talking to their friends or sharing their opinions. Tell someone what your mind is saying and allow your heart to chase after what is important. If you think that someone is playing you, then get rid of them. It is better for you to be alone, then to be with someone that is only going to disrespect you and treat you like garbage. It is true that lots of guys today are having a hard time with love.

Love is a big commitment that many men seem to have trouble with. Many guys seem to be thinking that they can act any only way and do whatever they feel like. This can often be devastating to a girl that is just trying to find her own path in life. You can easily look at your life and feel like things have gotten accomplished. Just ask yourself what the truth is for the future and you will actually find it. Your life is more about progressing and showing someone else that you truly care about them.  If you really want to hold onto your relationship, let the guy know what is really on your mind and where you think your relationship is headed. At some point, your love will come to a full peak.

You may have to tell your man that it’s either you or her.  You cannot continue to be second best. Even if he is just having a Facebook fling with his ex, it’s still wrong. He needs to stop disrespecting you and making you feel like complete crap. It is not fair to you and it is certainly not a good way to have a relationship. Relationships are good if they are give and take. Don’t worry about the drama that can happen in life. Life is full of good and bad things happening to us on a regular basis. Take charge of this love affair and make it work to your advantage.


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