Crystal Ball Gazing: Real or Fiction?

If you have ever watched the movie, The Wizard of Oz, you probably remember the witch looking into her crystal ball. As she looked into her crystal ball, she could see Dorothy and her friends walking in the forest. She could see everything that she wanted to in her crystal ball.   Crystal ball gazers say that this is not how the crystal ball actually works. In actuality, you have to gaze into the ball and use your clairvoyant abilities to try and find pictures in the ball. Sometimes you are the only person that can see the picture.

Many crystal ball gazers say that they have no idea how they are able to see into the future through a ball. However, they were often taught how to do this kind of gazing through a teacher or parent that practiced the same. Crystal ball gazing is not as popular as it used to be. However, many men and women say that it’s real. If you are part of the Wiccan faith/culture, you may have seen one of these before.

Cultures that practice Voo Doo, Spell casting and the psychic arts have usually seen one of these at some point in their lives. The energy that comes through the ball is said to be magical.  It is an awesome experience to see a psychic reader hard at work. When a psychic sees energy inside of a crystal ball, they often translate that energy to people that are willing to listen. You can easily look at the crystal ball and say, “How do I go about looking into the future?”  Many crystal ball gazers say that they are unaware of the “magical powers” behind the gazing. However, they understand why people would want to know their future because of them.

Tarot card readers often use the crystal ball along with their readings. This helps them to clearly see into a person’s past, present and future. A lot of people today want to be able to express their gifts more naturally. You have to look at yourself and feel like there is a positive direction for you to walk in. I have a feeling that you can look at yourself and feel something is speaking to you. Some people get their information through mediumship and others through astrology. No matter what you decide to do, know that a metaphysical gift is supposed to help you to see into the future. Once you have realized that there are spirit guides looking out for you, you see a lot of happiness coming your way.

Most psychics will tell you that crystal ball gazing is not as popular as clairvoyance.  This may be true, but crystal ball gazing has enough evidence in it that it is useful for seeing into the future.  If you want to know more about this topic, I suggest that you read a few books on this.  I usually shop for my books on However, you can shop anywhere.


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