Psychic Readings That We All Can Remember

Have you ever experienced a psychic reading that just totally blew you away? You can probably relate to what I am saying them. Many psychics throughout the world have given readings to people.  They are often unaware of the strong impact that their readings have made. Psychic readings often make us smile and cause us to feel a certain level of happiness and peace. If you think about it, a psychic reading should make someone feel like they are getting accurate information.

When you get a psychic reading that totally blows your mind, you often say, “Wow, how did that astrologer know that?”  There are questions that often cannot be answered by the average person. However, psychics like Edgar Cayce shocked the world for various reasons. One of the reasons was because he was able to diagnose and cure illnesses in a sleep like state. He would simply lay back on a sofa and see into the life of the person that was hurting and in need of treatment. It is clear that Edgar Cayce had a lot to say in his readings for other people. He would often tell them what he saw and said mystical things like, “You should put this on your eye in order to heal it.” Edgar Cayce was a man that most people find to be mysterious.

How do psychics make predictions that shock the world? Psychics like Jeanne Dixon shocked the world when she predicted the assassination of JFK long before it actually happened. She said that she used an astrology chart to see the future of the president. Most people did not believe her. After all, JFK was loved by the American people. Who would want to harm such an inspiring man?  It was true that the assassination has a lot of controversy attached to it.  However, you cannot argue that JFK is a conspiracy murder at this stage.

I once had a psychic reading in which the tarot card reader told me that I was going to move to China.  I had no idea that I was ever going to move outside of the United States. In fact, I almost felt like the reading was off.  I was working as a construction person at the time. However, a year passed after I had my tarot card reading and the prediction came true. I had to move to China because I found a job that required me to do overseas travel.  I did not know at the time that my tarot reading came true. However, I can now look back on my life and see that the astrologer was right. Astrology can often make us see the truth in matters of life. We often cannot see the truth and astrologers can.

I am sure that you have your own psychic readings that you can remember. Please post them below and share it with our community.  We would love to learn more about you and what experiences you have had with psychics.  Everyone’s story has a message of hope.


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