We Will Never Understand God Completely

Thousands of year have passed since the foundations of the earth began. Man has been seeking God from as early as the book of Genesis has been recorded. However, many people do not understand God even after 6,000 years has passed. It is estimated that the Old Testament was written some 6,000 years ago.  No matter what you may personally believe, you have to agree that the world does not understand God as they should.

We have the Holy Bible which gives us small glimpses of who God is as a person and what he expects of us. The Bible has changed over the past 6,000 years. If you are a Christian, the New Testament teaches us that God forgives ours sins through Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament, Jesus was not around yet to forgive sins. Anyone that was born after the death of Jesus can believe in him for salvation and redemption of their sins. It is important to ask God important questions in order to know him. If you read the Holy Bible every day and pray, you will often develop a much closer relationship with God than you ever thought was possible.

However, many people think that knowing God means that you can exercise your will to control. Many people think that they can force their beliefs on you or make you see things their way. However, the Bible is clear that God is not about forcing us to do anything. In fact, he wants us to come to him willingly.  God wants to have a loving relationship with us.  Without God, love cannot be in the world. Nobody’s life could be happy or successful without God.  The Lord opens doors for us when we think that every door has already been closed.

We can never know the mind of God completely because we are only human.  You cannot see half of the things that God can see on a regular basis. For instance, do you know the names of every fish and creature in the ocean? Do you know how many star systems we have and the exact location of hell?  Only God knows the answer to these difficult and challenging questions.

Many has always tried to understand God through different religious teachers and gurus. Many people say that we only have one God in the world. However, if you read the Holy Bible, he considers his people to be those that believe only in him. He first saved the Israelites and then saved the world through Jesus Christ.  The world got salvation through Jesus Christ. When anyone believes in him, God washes their sins away.  Life can often beat you up. However, God makes all good things come to those that wait upon him.  If you are trying to understand God completely, you never will. However, we can always get closer to him through reading the Holy Bible. Prayer also allows us to see how much God is listening to us.


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