He Loves You. His Mom Cannot Stand You. What Should You Do?

Are you stuck in a situation where you are dating a man that you absolutely love and for some reason, his mom hates you? This is a topic that effects millions of women worldwide and it’s hurtful. You like to give your heart entirely to a relationship, but your man seems resistant to giving you more of his heart. Instead of him telling you how he feels, he instead rejects opening his mouth at all times. He doesn’t want to tell you how he really feels about you because he is afraid of what his mom will say. There are a lot of mama boys out there today and they are often hard to date.

A guy should have his own mind set and not care so much about what his mom has to say about you. However, her jealous of your relationship is often too hard for her to handle. When he says that he cares for you, you see the jealousy in her face. She wants to be the only woman in his life and she fears that you will be a burden to the family.  She makes up lies about you and causes you to feel hopeless and angry. Don’t give up just yet.

A man that relies too much on his mom’s opinion will often do so because he feels obligated to be there for her. There is something that he feels. He feels like he must protect her from the dangers of this world and therefore tends to listen to her out of guilt. Many mothers are controlling and don’t want to see them involved with any women. It is devastating for a mother to feel like she is losing her son. You are definitely the enemy to her. However, you can avoid the trap of making things worse. For starters, don’t try to be your friend. The closer that she gets to you, the more that she will use your weaknesses against you. You must realize that you will always be her enemy. She is jealous of you and there is nothing that you can do about that. Always be respectful and cordial with her. However, don’t expect her to welcome you with loving arms. In the future, she will continue to push you away no matter what you do. Believe me, I know from experience.

You are important to your lover and he wants to always respect you. Tell him how you feel and then allow him to see that his mom will never accept you fully.  He will always make excuses for her bad behavior towards you. It is a battle that you cannot win. It is hard to be in love with a mama’s boy, but it’s something that you cannot change. Instead of trying to win his mom’s approval, trying pleasing your man complete and just accept that she will never fully accept you. To her, you will always be the woman that took her son away.  This is a fact that you cannot change.


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