Keeping A Daily Dream Diary is Important

We all have dreams. Even dogs, cats and other animals dream. Why do we dream and is there anything that we can do with our dreams in order to find peace? We are often warned in a dream of something coming up for us. If we look at dreams in the New Testament, we will find that biblical characters were often warned of something coming their way. They were often told to not go somewhere or else they could be possibly harmed in some sort of way. Life is often hard to walk through if we don’t have someone guiding us and telling us what to do. It is hard to imagine our lives living and not getting many results from our living.
You can imagine that psychics get a lot of phone calls every day. Dream interpretation is one of the bigger questions that an astrologer gets asked about. Astrology is an ancient old practice and has been used for dream interpretation for generations. You may think of astrology as being helpful on many different levels. It is important to ask yourself why you want to record your dreams. I think that recording your dreams actually allows you to see what the spirit world was trying to warn you about. The spirit world often tries to warn us about things that are ahead for us in life. We often dream about our lives getting better or becoming more mature. I think that when we had an idea in the back of our mind, we have to use it to our advantage. Allow your mind to just flow with creativity. Allow yourself to see that we can easily learn more about ourselves through our thoughts.
When we dream, we are being given a secret panel of information. We begin to picture ourselves in an area that we are often unfamiliar with. When we wake up, we often don’t understand why we were dreaming to begin with. It almost feels like our bodies and minds were taken to a different spiritual dimension. We were taken to a place where peace and relaxation live. When we get taken to a new place, we often say to ourselves, “Wow, I am on a whole new plane.” Yes, you can easily learn more about yourself with the help of a dream interpretation. Dream interpretation is often fun because you get to see the view of a dream through another person’s eyes. If you have a psychic friend, take your dream to them and see what they can tell you. It is important to always talk about what you are seeing and what you think should become of your dream. Most people are unaware that dreams do help us to see into the future. However, many people fear that dreams are not always what we would like them to be. Sometimes we have to look at our dreams an make no sense of them. Keeping a dream diary actually helps us to look at our dreams at a different period of time.


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