Past Lives: Do They Matter Anymore?

One of the most popular psychic readings that people get these days are on past lives. A past life can often open our eyes to why our life circumstances are not working out for us as we had hoped. Often, a past life situation was the result of why we are struggling now to achieve success and happiness. Many psychics pick up that in a person’s past life, there was a disturbance in a connection with someone that they cared for deeply. Perhaps there was an early separation because of an early death.  Many people died in the middle ages from disease, famine and war.  Many psychics pick up your energy from these lifetimes. You may be asking yourself if there is anything that you can do in order to overcome these painful memories of your past. In actuality, you can.

You can start out by cleansing your spirit with some chakra cleansing. This is done using meditation, sage and prayer. You can begin by asking the spirit world for forgiveness in what you may have caused as a painful memory in your past life. In this life, you must promise to do things differently. Often, love is what makes our lives turn out for the better. We often sit back and ask ourselves why something happens.  If you are like me, you probably want to overcome your past obstacles.  However, you need to find out what matters to you the most. It is important to look at your live now and ask yourself if you are happy with the life that the spirit world is giving to you.

You need to imagine and focus your attention on the now. Did you know that your life in general has many good things happening to it? You are better off now than you ever were before in any period of time. I say this because in your past life, you had no technology and old age was hard for anyone to imagine. Most people died before their 50th birthday from disease, famine or war.  Many witches got executed by fire and were often thrown in the sea. You may find it interesting to read literature on this topic. However, your past life is all a part of that.

Whatever happened in your past life does matter now. It is important to first consult a psychic and ask t hem questions about who you were and the kind of life that you had before. Many psychic readers are open to talking to you about what happened to you and what you can do about your life right now.  It is important to ask yourself if you can watch life and understand it fully. We often want to have hope when all hope is gone from us.  Allow yourself to feel happy again because you are at least taking the first step to do something about it.  Tarot card readings often pick up information about your past life.  These tend to be people’s favorite type of readings.



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