Should You Talk To Him About Your Love Feelings?

In dating, your life will often be consumed with puzzling questions and feelings. Many men today feel like they don’t want to be attached to someone for life. They often prefer short term romances and relationships that last for under a year. However, many women want the total opposite.  Many women are searching for love, romance and marriage.  A lot of guys today are saying no to the marriage word and yes to living together. How can you handle this if you have strong love feelings for a guy and he doesn’t want to commit to you?

There is nothing more challenging than feeling like you have a lot of love to give and nobody is willing to accept it. Many men today are working on changes inside of their hearts.  They often want to feel like their life is moving in a more positive direction for several different reasons. If you are like me, you have to feel like your man is really wanting you.  It is important to look at your circumstances and ask yourself what he truly means to you. Do you really want to be with him for life or are you having only temporary feelings?

Love can be very confusing for millions of people. Guys like to hear that they are attractive and successful.  The more successful that you make a man feel, the more prone he is to getting closer to you and love.  You can often tell him that you love him and yet he will say, thanks for letting me know. He often does not say, “I love you” back. This is mainly due to the fact that he has had his heart broken before.

We live in a culture where people tend to date other people rather quickly. When your heart gets broken, you feel betrayed. You have to reassure him that you would never hurt him in this way and be true to your words. If you have already cheated on him, then your chances of hearing I love you become slimmer. Guys are more hesitant to say, “I love you” to someone when they don’t know for sure what your true intentions are.

It is important to look at life and feel a sense of happiness and balance.  When you look at your life and feel a sense of happiness and hope, you can begin looking at yourself and feeling like good things are happening for you every single step of the way. Remember that not a lot of guys are going to tell you how they feel. Don’t give up on them. Just wait it out and they will eventually tell you that they want to be able to take you in their arms and love you forever.  Love is a word that many people use and often don’t mean what they say.  This is another reasons why many men are resistant to telling others what is on their minds.  When two people come together, they are often more prone to develop strong feelings for one another.


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