Your Path As A Paranormal Invesigator

I have a friend that lives in upstate New York.  Believe it or not, he is a paranormal investigator. He happens to love his job and actually spends a lot of time investigating haunted houses. He says that a haunted house is something that a lot of people fear these days. He gets lots of calls from men and women that say a ghost is in my house.  Can you please come and get rid of it? You have to understand that my friend is a psychic reader and has a lot of clients. He often tells me that haunted house investigations take time to do and often she receives no money from doing so.

It is important to allow yourself to look at life and feel like there is something else out there that is higher than ourselves. Many paranormal investigators like to help people to understand their own personal lives. When you do an investigation, you must try to understand the physical place that you are investigating and the people that you may be working with. You must see if a person has a mental disorder or if they are really seeing ghost.  It is important to have excellent recording equipment if you plan on getting into ghost hunting. Also remember that not all spirits are friendly.

My friend often tells me that he hates going on investigations in which people are screaming and carrying on. Many people cannot stand feeling like they are being bombarded by a ghost. It is scary to have someone screaming and yet you see nothing. Ghosts often come out when you least expect.  Most spiritual activity happens late at night after 12:00 a.m.  Many spirits like to display unusual activity around 3:00 a.m. It is often weird that people invite these spirits into their home. Never invite a spirit into your home. They often come in and don’t want to leave. Many sprits end up staying in homes even after an exorcism has been performed. Spirits don’t like to leave earth. Jesus himself casted a demon into a herd of pigs because the demon begged him not to send them into the abyss. The abyss is like hell. It is a permanent state of unrest. Jesus agreed and sent the demon into a herd of pigs. It is important to look at life and realize that you don’t have to worry so much.  You don’t have to feel like everything is going to negatively affect you. If you have a ghost hunter coming into your home, know that he was most likely sent to you by the spirit world. Spirits often come to us when we least expect and they often like to speak to us when nobody else is around. Believe it or not, spirits get scared to. They often like to hide themselves when they see a human being coming towards them. They often reply to paranormal investigators in one or two words. Spirits don’t like to talk all that much.



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