Edgar Cayce: The Man That Invented The Word Psychic Reading

If you never heard of the clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, you are in for a real treat. This article is going to talk about him and what he was to the supernatural community.  Edgar Cayce was a man that had a rare clairvoyant gift. He first recognized his gift as a child. He was able to talk to his deceased grandfather and later on went on to diagnose illnesses in a sleep like state.  If you are psychic, you have probably heard of the name Edgar Cayce. Amazingly, the word psychic reading was not even around during the days of Edgar Cayce. People were often referred to as being clairvoyant or astrological. The word “psychic reading” became more popular when Edgar Cayce began scanning the body soul of the person that he was reading. When he gave his predictions, it was as if he was reading their body like a book. He eventually went on to tell the person how to cure their illness if they had one. He was also known for helping mothers with their children that were overseas in the war.

He wanted to desperately help people because he had such a caring nature.  He was not known to charge any money for his readings. In fact, he relied on the donations that people often gave to him. He lived his life mostly as a poor man. He did have some jobs in his life that had to do with photography.  However, this was short lived do to his eye sight going on him. He also owned a hospital at one point and it later got shut down.

It is clear that the life of Edgar Cayce is still known to this day. His predictions about end time events are still yet to be seen.  However, his predictions can easily be read in the many books that he authored.  His predictions are saved in a library.  He gave over 10,000 psychic readings in his lifetime and every single one of them was different.  He had a personal secretary that recorded the readings for him.

Edgar Cayce came from a small town in Kentucky and had many people that sought out his readings. Many celebrities and presidents went to Edgar Cayce for a reading. He would often tell people what he saw and his clients often confirmed his accuracy.  Nobody knows for sure how Edgar Cayce was able to develop such a powerful clairvoyant gift. He claims to have had no previous training in giving readings or no mentorship.  The only book that he ever read was the Holy Bible.

He also had a rare gift for sleeping on books and memorizing the entire book in his sleep. When he woke up, he knew every single word in the book.  How was he able to do this? Even modern day scientists had no idea how he was able to make such predictions.  He is in many medical dictionaries as being one of the people responsible for many medical discoveries.  Edgar Cayce was a man that had no formal college education and yet has managed to shock the world with the wisdom inside of his heart.




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