How to Properly Date In the Year 2016

If you are 40+ years old, you are probably shocked by all of the changes in the dating world today. Many divorced men and women are finding it hard to know all of the rules of dating today. For starters, men and women often communicate by text.  It is a lot different than it was 10 years ago.  Many people that are 40+ are looking for new romances. Often, it is hard to find if you are looking for someone that will commit to you for life.  Commitment today is a lot harder than it was 10 years ago. For starters, most relationships today last for only a few months.  Marriage are often only around for 3 years or less. The through of growing old with someone has almost become obsolete. It is clear that most people don’t believe in the old ways of dating. In fact, most dating experts would agree that most people that were born after 1981 will not even want to marry. It is estimated that only 20% of the USA population will be married over the next decade.

If you go to a large social networking website like Facebook, you will find that most people have their profile set as not married.  It is becoming clear that people prefer fast hookups and dates. If you look at a website like Tinder, you will find that men and women are flirting with one another. They hope to be able to hook up with someone that will make them happy for the night. They are not thinking that it will be their lifelong marriage partner. It is important to understand who you are going out with before you do. Many dating coaches are trying to help 40+ people out by teaching them the new rules of dating.

For starters, never call someone unless they tell you that is okay to do so. If they text, it means texting.  You should not be alarmed if you only hear from someone for a booty call. Both sexes seem to be comfortable with ignoring the other person for days on end and then texting them when they want something romantic. Expect your date to be only for a few hours long. In the past, a date was usually a dinner and then a night out on the town dancing.  You would often be encouraged to talk to the person that out are trying to get to know. Today, many dates are actually texting in front of your face. They often have a reputation for doing whatever makes them happy.

In the “old days”, it was considered rude to talk to someone else while you were out on a date. Today, people think nothing of talking and texting to their friends while they are out with you.  You need a lot of patience in order to date someone today.  Your date will most likely ask you about everyone that you have dated before in your past.  Usually someone will ask you if you are looking for love or simply a date for the night.  It is best to be honest. I will admit that most of your dates are not looking for love or marriage. Most are only looking for a hook up or someone to spend time with when they are lonely.


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