Geminis Are Often Popular and Have Loving Personalities

If you were born between the months May 22 and June 21, then your zodiac sign is a Gemini.  Your ruler is mercury element and you have a yellow earn sign.  If you are young or even hitting the clubs in your 40’s, you are known to be popular and people often seek you out for friendship, love and attention.  Gemini women tend to be argumentative when they see that their point is correct.  You can try and argue with them and all they want to be is right.  If they are wrong, they will admit it. However, you may find a Gemini to be aggressive in nature at times.

You may find that a Gemini is not so easy to get to know. At times, they tend to be more standoffish and hard to express themselves.  When a Gemini girl is shy around a guy, she will often show it by trying to ignore him.  Gemini women tend to be sociable and highly private at the same time. Some Gemini women will not tell you what they are thinking even if you ask them 100 times what is wrong.  If you have a teenager that is a Gemini, he/she will most likely be energetic.  No need to give them any caffeine or Monster energy drinks.  You will find them to be amazingly talkative and they communicate what is on their mind.

Many Gemini kids tend to want attention from both the mother and father. If they are lacking attention in one, they may have an outburst of sudden anger.  It is best to address the issue right away so that it doesn’t resort into some dramatic episode later on.  Gemini men and women tend to be friendly and love to play games. You may find that Gemini guys love to play video games with lots of action.  Gemini women tend to play games with some love or dating element attached to it.

A Gemini man or woman is perfect for learning how to do sign language.  They often like to communicate with their feelings and often use hand gestures as a way of communication.  The Gemini woman is often imaginative. She can often see visions for people if she happens to be psychic. He will often see illusions that are not real.

In order to make a room Feng Shui for a Gemini, paint it yellow. This of course is their horoscope sign color.  Many art majors are Gemini horoscope signs. They tend to have a creative flow of energy coming out of them and they enjoy telling people what they see.  It is not uncommon to see and hear a Gemini listening to classical music while reading a book or painting a portrait.

Gemini men like a clan house. If you happen to be married to him, avoid keeping the house a mess. His attitude will often be poor when he feels that he is surrounded by clutter. He often wants to feel safe and clear. He may have the tendency to be a little bit OCD. However, not all Geminis are neat freaks. The ones that are, you have to cater to them or else fights will erupt.








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