Psychic Readings: What You Need to Know

We have all met psychics that pretend to have a gift for seeing into the future. A real psychic will always tell you what you need to know and not what you want to hear.  Did you know that the word psychic came from the word psychikos.  The meaning of it refers to the “psyche”.  The word psychic did not even become of use until the early part of the 20th century.  The thought of reading someone’s mind or energy was something that was done, but often referred to as astrology or witchcraft.  When we see television psychics, we often think that this is how a real psychic reading is conducted. In reality, television psychics do not show people how the gift is really conducted.  Most psychics do not stand up in front of an audience delivering secret messages. Instead, psychics often have one on one session with clients that want to know more about money or their love life.

When getting a reading, make sure that your session is in balance.  You should never feel like the psychic reader is “fishing” for information. Instead, you should feel like the spiritual adviser is hitting the nail on the head. In this way, you won’t feel like you are being scammed or taken advantage of. You will also feel like the clairvoyant is truly gifted.  However, if you remain too guarded, the psychic reader may assume that you don’t want them to read you.  It is said that a closed spirit cannot be read. When a person is trying to play guessing games with the psychic or lying, a spiritual adviser cannot do their job properly.

It is okay to be a skeptic. After all, most readings do not come true. It is said that around 50% of a psychics predictions are actually accurate. What do you believe?  Psychics often use different tools to help them.  These tools can be astrology charts, tarot cards and runes.  However, clairvoyants often do not use any tools in their predictions.   A lot of psychics can pick up on specific names, dates, times, locations and other types of information. However, this is not the norm.  Most spiritual advisers will tell you what they see based on general information.

If a psychic tells you that you must pay them $300.00 to do a love spell, then you must run in the other direction. Do you really think a love spell is worth $300.00?  Think about what $300.00 can buy you.  Most psychics do not ask you for extra money to do a love or money spell. Instead, they charge you a flat fee or per minute fee.  This is the only thing that you should be paying for. Many psychic readings cost between $40.00 and $100.00.  A session usually lasts for 30 minutes.

Psychics should not ask you to come back every single day for answers. You shouldn’t be getting a psychic reading more than once every six months.  If you are, then you could easily develop a psychic addiction.  Being addicted to an astrology line is bad for your financial situation and can often leave you declaring bankruptcy.




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