The Birth of The Scorpio Zodiac Sign

In astrology, the day and time of your birth matters in reference to your emotional and physical reaction to the world.  Did you know that the astrological sun colors your actions and the moon planet measures your urges in regards to your passiveness or aggressive behavior?  The female energy in a Scorpio is often referred to as your female energy.  It doesn’t matter if you are male or female. All Scorpios have a male and female part to themselves.

Scorpios tend to experience different moods throughout the day. They are often seen as being sorrowful, having ecstasy and elation.  A Scorpio can have explosive tempers if they are pushed over the edge. Have you ever met a Scorpio man that didn’t want to be bothered? At first he told you politely to leave him alone. Then all of a sudden, you pushed him over the edge and he became like a roaring lion?  Yes, you know exactly what I am talking about. Scorpio can be passive, but also aggressive when he doesn’t want to be bothered.

Scorpio moon often causes a man or woman to feel like they are detached from the outside world. Often, they can feel like nothing is going right for them and then all of a sudden something begins to change or work out a difference in life. You can easily learn more about Scorpio by spending time with them.  A Scorpio has intense likes and dislikes. They tend to either really like something or totally hate it. If you know that a Scorpio doesn’t’ like something, it is best to just leave them alone and let them show you what they prefer instead.

Many Scorpio women act on their “hunches” or feelings. They tend to sense something is going to happen. If they are right, it happens 100% as they see it. They tend to make powerful psychics when gifted.  Scorpios tend to want their quiet time more than other zodiac signs. You may find her reading a book at home.  He may choose to spend some time alone in the garage fixing his car or bike. Scorpio men tend to focus on gadgets while Scorpio women tend to focus on strengthening her mind through reading, meditation and spirituality.

In order to find peace, Scorpio women often turn to psychics for answers. She is often seen calling an astrologer for her daily prediction.  Scorpio men tend to race their car or work it off with hard labor.  Scorpio men have the tendency to become workaholics. When he wants something, he tends to work hard to get it.  Scorpio men do not like to get handouts. Instead, they prefer to make their money through hard work and effort.

When it comes to faith, Scorpio men want to believe in what they believe to be true. If you plan on changing his religion in order to be with you, you may find that he doesn’t budge much. Once his mind is set on something, he rarely changes it.



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