Your Relationship With A Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra is often referred to as being intuitive, psychic and a great counselor.  She/he often has a strong will for what they want. They are often merciful to those that want to do them harm. It is hard for many Libras to accept wrong doing. However, they are extremely forgiving and loving. Let us not forget about their strong intuition as well.  Most Libra women are easy going and down to earth. The men seem to be easy to speak with as well.  Libra tries to deal with the “difficult hand” that life often gives to them.  Libras tend stand up and fight for what they believe in.  If they don’t care much about a situation, they often don’t voice their opinion about it. Most people will listen to a Libra speak because they only do so when something important needs to be addressed.

Libras want to be fair and therefore want others to be treated with love and respect.  You may find a Libra in a position having to do with politics, business management or lead psychologist.  Libra women tend to be extremely seductive in love. They will often go after what they want. Libra women often picture their ideal man in their mind. Once they have met that man, she often doesn’t let him go.  She often is strong willed and gets exactly what she wants.  Libra women love to be treated well by the guy that she is dating or married to. You may find a Libra woman wanting to kick back and sit in for a nice meal at her favorite restaurant.  Afterwards, she would prefer taking a long walk around the beach or park.  She could talk to her man for hours about how she sees life. She is also a great listener when it comes to his needs.

Libra women tend to want peace, harmony and respect.  When she has a romantic interest in mind, she tends to draw on this and look for ways to increase the feeling.  Libra men tend to be equally charming.  He often has a good eye for the truth and wants people to all feel equal.  He understands his own views and enjoys expressing the with people that are open to hearing them.  He is a good listener and encourager. He tends to be a good father and family man.  Don’t be surprised if he works a lot of overtime at work. He tends to want to feel secure and his family to have a better outlook on life.  Libra men hate to be nagged and told what to do. If you nag a Libra, he will most likely hang out with his friends instead of with you.  Libra men love to feel appreciated for the accomplishments that they have made. If you want to keep this Libra in your life, tell him how he makes you feel. Libra men tend to eat this up.  If your Libra man won’t respond to what you want for dinner, just make something for him and hand him the plate.  He will find life to be less stressful this way.



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