How to Find the Perfect Tarot Card Decks

How to Find the Perfect Tarot Card Decks

When a man or woman reaches an age in which they can explore their faith, they often turn to tarot.  Tarot is an ancient religious practice of reading decks of cards to foresee into someone else’s future.  You may or may not understand tarot. However your first step is to by yourself a deck of cards and begin practicing with them. There are many books that are written about tarot and what each card represents. Some popular decks are as follows.

Tarot card readers are also called cartomancers.  Many readers say that it has an easier understanding than astrology, i-ching and runes does. Runes and astrology were distant until the 20th century. They were known as old time religious practices. However, in the 21st century, they are making a strong comeback.  Many artists turn their artwork into tarot card decks. They first got their start in England and different parts of Europe. Originally, tarot cards were nothing more than a simple deck of playing cards. Artists thought that it was a good idea to paint images on these cards for players to enjoy.  Tarot cards often sold at high prices depending on the artist.

Only the wealthy members of society were able to afford tarot cards.  It was mainly because they were not mass printed like todays cards were.  If an artist created a deck of tarot cards for you, they would be looked at and traded at high prices. The reason was because it was an original art form.  The cards were not duplicated since they were pained only once.

Today, we have different types of tarot card decks. One of the most famous is the Rider-Waite deck.  Most fortune tellers say that this deck is easy to understand for clients. Most clients would rather have a less “pretty” card that is easier to understand.  These cards are often not the most artistic, but they seem to tell someone what their life story is going to be all about.  A card that tends to come up a lot is the pentacles suit card.  This suite mostly involves business and money.  If you were to ask the deck about your financial future, the cards would either say well for bad things about it.

The Vertigo tarot deck is also very popular.  These cards are based off the comic book Sandman.  These cards are probably not going to make much sense to you unless you know the story of Sandman. You can read the Sandman comic book to learn more.  Then you can decide if this deck is right for you. Some people find the deck to be rather complicated and hard to understand.

Believe it or not, many people found the above two decks to be against their religion. However, people in the 20th and 21st century became turned on by the angel tarot cards.  These cards are made with the thought in mind that angels are predicting your future for you. Since angels are a part of almost every major religion, people often find this deck to be most appealing.  Angels often represent holiness and purity to most people.



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