Love Relationship Compatibility Using Astrology

Love Relationship Compatibility Using Astrology

Astrology is both an age old religion and science.  People today that call themselves astrologers are often well educated with the 12 zodiac signs. They often believe in foretelling the future through the stars, planets and the time that you were born. If you are looking for your life partner, then perhaps astrology can be of service to you. For starters, I am sure that you would love to know if the person that you are interested in will ever cheat on you.  Will your marriage end in a divorce? These questions and many more are found in people seeking out psychic readings.

Many astrology signs are more prone to sickness and getting wealthy.  Others make better lovers or get better jobs. The answers according to astrologers are all in the stars.  There are certain zodiac signs that do not go well together. Take for instance the horoscope signs Cancer and Leo.  Many astrologers say that these two are opposites. However, with hard work, there is a possibility that the zodiac signs can work out. However, it is mostly common to see couples together that are of similar styles.

Did you know that a natal horoscope is a chart?  It is a map of the solar system and planets.  You can pinpoint a person’s name and date of birth.  When 2 people decide to get into a love relationship, they are using the 11th house in their personal astrology charts.  Their love affairs can lead to a pregnancy, passion and more.  The 11th house and 5th house in astrology often work together for the common good of the relationship.

Let us say that you want to get married to someone. You will need to take a look at your 7th house.  This will tell you whether or not a person makes a good match for you. This can also be used for money and business. If you are thinking of joining into a partnership with someone, you can easily find information about this as well.

Moving further, the 2nd house in astrology represents family.  The lords in astrology are: ascendant sign lord, ascendant nakshatra lord, moon sign lord, moon nakshatra lord and planets representing the day.  If you look at the 11th, 2nd, 5th and 7th astrology sign, they promote love and happiness.  Two zodiac signs that get along well are Libra and Virgo. Depending on your exact time and date of birth, you could be looking at a perfect match. Many Libra and Virgo zodiac signs tend to stay together for life. They are often looked at as being most compatible in the astrology calendar.

If you think about it, marriage can have a long lasting effect if you are put with the right person.  If you are put with the wrong person, your marriage can equal disaster. Most zodiac signs do not realize that they are right for each other until they are married and divorced later on. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if your perfect match is right in front of your face or not?


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