Telephone Psychics: Are They Trustworthy?

If you recently looked in your newspaper, you may have noticed many advertisements for psychic phone lines. It is common today to pick up the National Enquirer and see ads for psychic networks.  Should you call these ads or not?   It is important to not feel pressured into getting a psychic reading. After all, it is for entertainment purpose only.  However, many psychics in the world today can see into a person’s life.  They have a rare gift of foreseeing into the future and their understanding of the prophetic world is like no other.

Here a few suggestions when using a phone psychic.  For starters, ask the astrology website if you get any minutes for free.  Most astrology websites today give a new customer 3 to 5 minutes for free. Some will even give you 20 minutes for $20.00.   By getting this offer, you can test out a psychic’s skills without having to spend a lot of money.  A psychic reading at full price can often cost you $150.00 or more for a full 30-minute reading.

Allow the psychic to tune into your situation.  Be prepared to give the clairvoyant your name, date of birth and other details.  You will often be asked to give the reader a question or two.  Whatever you ask the psychic adviser, they are supposed to tell you. Many spiritual advisers are accurate and others are out to take your money.  Usually if a psychic says that your energy is negative and you need to give them $300.00 or more dollars to do a spell, they are a scam. Only pay for the time that you are talking with t hem.

Many clients that hope from one psychic to another on phone line say that they often get different answers from different advisers.  This is common because not every psychic can see the same exact thing for you. Many spiritual advisers are fake and therefore cannot be trusted. I always try to go for spiritual advisers that have the best reputation. Some are strongly gifted and therefore, their clients want to tell the world about your wonderful gift. However, other astrologers are so of base that they cannot even be a psychologist.

Some psychic advisers give you their honest vision of what they see for your life. Others do not say the truth and therefore it is hard to understand what they are even talking about.  There are all types of spiritual advisers that you can talk to on the internet today. Some are happy go lucky and others are grouchy. If you don’t like a psychics attitude, hang up and call someone else. Often, astrology websites allow you to psychic hop all you want.  They often give you free readings if you are not pleased with the reading that you got.  Psychic readings can be a wonderful tool for you to make decisions with. However, they are not meant to be 100% all of the time.  Sometimes we have to take the good with the bad.


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