How Will You Survive Financially as a Prophet?

How Will You Survive Financially as a Prophet?

propheticThe prophetic ministry is a calling that is like no other. You will find that pastors get paid a salary for their work and so do missionaries.  Even teachers, evangelists and counselors get paid.  However, prophets do not get a regular salary. You will find that surviving in the prophetic ministry is often hard.  It is hard because you need to earn money in order to pay for your housing, car payments, food and other expenses.  What can you do if you don’t know where to turn for money?

In my prophetic walk with God, I have learned to keep my mind and my heart open to what God wants.  Many Christian prophets today are finding work on psychic hotlines.  Working for a psychic hotline allows you to get paid for your work.  Remember that a worker is worthy of his wages.  Don’t discriminate against a psychic hotline because there are others working in the network that use tarot cards and astrology.  Pay more attention to your own ministry and what God has called you to do. If the Lord opens a door for you to earn money, then just do what you feel called to do. Just because you work for a psychic hotline does not mean that you have to associate with the evil that is often associated with this type of spiritual work.

When people call you, they will be interested in learning more about what you have to tell them. If you are truly gifted, many people will call the psychic hotline asking to speak to you.  The people that you minister to will support you financially.  It is okay to charge people for your gift.  After all, pastors get paid and so do other ministers. Why?  They get paid because its actual work.  You will feel extremely tired after giving prophecies to people.  In one single day, I often give between 10 and 20 prophetic readings. This means that I speak to around 10 to 20 different people a day.  As your prophetic ministry grows, you will get supported financially from those that believe in your gifts and abilities. Not everyone will give you money.

It is important to have a fee schedule for your time. Most people will ask question after question if you have a gift. You might be surprised to find out that a reading often lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. Most prophets charge anywhere from $50.00 an hour to over $100.00 an hour.  In order to decide on how much money to charge, ask Jesus what you should charge. I usually go by what my expenses are.  If you household expenses are $4,000 a month, then you should be earning at least $5,000 a month to be on the safe side.  Emergencies tend to arise from time to time.  This means that you should be earning around $1,000.00 a week.  This means that you should earn around $200.00 a day.

In today’s world, prophets have to find a way to earn a living like any other minister does. Your salary will be between you and the Lord.  Ask God for what you need and allow him to provide for you at his own will.  Eventually, you will see that your bills are getting paid.

propheticLifeWhen you first start out in your prophetic ministry, it is important to ask Jesus whom you should minister to. Most prophets today are doing love prophecies. Most people call upon prophets because their romantic life is a mess. Usually, women consult prophets a lot more than men do. Around 85% of my clients are women.

It is important to charge your clients for your time. If you don’t charge your clients for your time, they will often take advantage of you. You will most likely receive calls that last longer than an hour.  You may eventually feel like you are being used and taken advantage of.  The prophetic work is a lot like a carpenter’s work.  Never think that you are holier than anyone else.  You are equal to your fellow brother or sister in the Lord.  You have been given a spiritual gift by God. If the Lord wants you to stay in the full time ministry, he will open financial doors for you. You will have enough money to pay your bills each month.  Learn to live within your means.

Some ministers make millions of dollars a year and other ministers make a few thousand dollars a month.  It is hard to say why the Lord allows some people to have millions of dollars and others only living pay check to pay check.

I once tithed for three months. I gave 10% of all that came into my household.  I was hoping that my financial status would change.  Unfortunately, my finances stayed the same. At times, my finances were worse off than they were before I tithed.  It taught me that tithing is not a good luck charm.  We cannot think that God will give us a lot of money because we tithe. Many preachers that you watch on television will try to convince you that if you tithe, God will give you lots of money.  I can tell you that this is not true. I tithed faithfully. Many Christians today do not tithe and have millions of dollars in the bank.  Others do tithe each week and they are living paycheck to paycheck. At the end of the day, God will give you what he wills.

Putting God first in your life does not have to involve money. The New Testament is a lot different than the Old Testament.  For starters, the New Testament does not say that we have to tithe. In fact, it says that Christians should be caring and loving towards one another.  It actually instructs us to give from our heart. Many preachers teach old testament law. The New Testament is clear that we are free from the law.  I have found that giving from my heart works best.

There were many times in my life when I made six figures a year.  I didn’t tithe. I instead worked hard every single day.  I saved my money in the bank. I often gave to the poor and helped those that had less than I did.  In reality, I got blessed in return.  It had nothing to do with tithing.

As a prophetic minister, you are going to have to find a way to budget yourself.  Some months will be better than others. It is important to treat your prophetic ministry like a business.  Unfortunately, prophets are not tax exempt. You will fall under the same guidelines as a psychic.  You will need to have your own business name set up and pay yearly taxes to the government on your earnings.

In my experiences, it is best to have your own website.  Paying for space in a rented office can be a tremendous waste of money. For starters, most of your clients will come from around the world.  It is rare for a prophet to have people wanting to see them in person.  Most people today prefer to see their prophetic minister on video chat or talking to them over the telephone. Save the majority of your money for advertising and search engine optimization for your website. It may take you years before you can find enough clients to allow you to live off your ministry financially.  Most people do not want to pay money for your gift.  They will often say, “Thank you for the word of the Lord.  Thank you for helping me today.” They rarely will rip out a $50.00 bill after you have spoken to them for 30 minutes or longer. Can you imagine speaking to eight people a day for 30 minutes at a time and not getting paid.  This is what your life will become as a prophetic minister. If your times eight people by thirty minutes each, you come to 240 minutes.  This is almost 4 hours of your day given to people wanting prophetic advice.  As you can see, a prophet is worthy of his salary. It is not different than a pastor earning money.

Prophecy OnlineDo not think that God will just give you clients in a gift box.  It doesn’t work like that. Many ministers make the mistake of thinking that God has called me to the ministry and now the people will just come.  You must reach out to helping people that you feel called to help.  I don’t walk up to people in the street and ask them to hire me for a prophetic reading.  Instead, I advertise. People do call me from the ads that I place. I believe that they are often lead to me by the Lord.  Many ministers make the mistake of renting a storefront and then shutting it down a few months later. They honestly thought that the people would just come in the door because God has called them to a specific ministry.  How wrong they were.

The apostles always went out to the streets to find people to minister to.  They often went from town to town building churches.  They did not have the luxury of the internet or newspapers to advertise in.  Today, Christians are more fortunate. You have more options than ever to get clients that want to pay for your gift.

You can market yourself in these ways: on the internet, newspapers, magazines, social networking websites, chat rooms. Television, radio, churches, in person seminars, your own workshop and so forth.  Ask the Lord to show you which direction to take.  As you begin to give prophetic words to people, they will talk about you. Over time, you will develop a good reputation for giving accurate words.  Some prophets develop this quickly and others take years for their reputation to grow.

Don’t expect everyone from the church to accept your gift.  Most Christians will not accept your gift. Most will tell you that you are not called by God to do this. I can tell you that the Lord speaks to those that he wants to develop a relationship with.  People will pay you for your gift and time if they see value in it.  Most people that use your gifts are reaching out to you because they are desperate. They have reached rock bottom and have nowhere else to turn.  Don’t expect people to call you sounding happy.  Nine out of ten times, they will call you when they are depressed, angry or frustrated.  They will often not call you with any good news. Expect people to treat you like garbage and not respect you.

Most people that call prophets are looking for answers because everything in their life has failed them. I wish it were not the case. However, after 30 years of professional prophetic ministry, I can tell you that your clients are never happy when they call you.  I wish that they were calling with a smile.  However, they often want to take their frustrations out on you.  They often mess up their lives and want someone to blame. They have already blamed God, their friends, pastors, teachers and so forth. Nobody else gave them the sympathy that they were looking for. Now they have come to you as a last resort.  This is most of the time.

Every now and then, you will find a person coming into your life thanking you for helping them.  This is rare.  Don’t expect everyone to be waiting in line to call you.  Most prophets are shocked to find out how much disrespect they receive from those wanting readings from then.

propheticAnnointingMost pastors today are not interested in helping prophets to develop their ministry.  You will often be shunned upon and pastors will often want you far away from them and their flock.  It is because they are afraid of you giving a wrong word to someone and them taking the blame for it.  The prophetic ministry is not any different now than it was 2,000 years ago.  In fact, prophets in every generation are given a different task.  I have found that most people only call me if they lost their job or are looking for love.  I have only gotten a few people asking me how to improve their relationship with the Lord.

If you can afford to buy your own prophetic phone line, it may be a good idea to do so.  There are companies out there today that will rent you a 1-800 number for around $100.00 a month. When your clients call you for a prophetic word, they will get charged a flat rate per minute. This rate can be anywhere from .99 cents a minute to well over $5.99 a minute. It is up to you to choose how much money your clients will pay for the reading.

In some circumstances, you can get a location at a local flea market. This will allow you to see your clients face to face and often charge people for the reading and get cash in hand.  No matter how you decide to run your prophetic ministry, make sure that you can pay your bills.

Many Christians will try to tell you that is not of God to charge for a spiritual gift. However, the New Testament says different. It says that a worker is worthy of his wages. It also says that the church should financially take care of its ministers. However, we are seeing a rebellious church today that does not take care of its Christian workers.  Most pastors today struggle to pay their bills on a weekly basis. Most Christians do not believe in giving what does not feel comfortable to their local church.  The world has changed drastically.  You must ask God how he wants you to earn a living.

Another way to earn a living as a prophet is to get a second job.  There is nothing wrong with being a prophet and a lawyer at the same time. You can take on another job to support your ministry.  Many prophets are finding this an easier path. The only problem is that you won’t have a lot of time to spend with your clients.  You will probably only have time to give around 1 to 5 readings a week. I am a full time prophet and give around 100 readings a week to 100 different people.  As you can see, a full time prophetic ministry requires a lot of your time.

If you want to give free prophetic words to people, then it’s okay to do so. However, you must have a way to support yourself while you are talking to your clients.  The truth of the matter is that your bills will not get paid on their own.







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