Why Die Young if You Don’t Have to?

Millions of people will die this year from cancer, heart disease and natural causes. Do we really have to die before we are 100 years of age? Many raw foodists say that the body can keep on living to extremely old ages. There are many people living overseas in places like India and China that have records of people living over the age of 110.  Is it possible that a great majority of the population can live this long? I believe that it is possible for several different reasons.

For starters, if you continue to feed your body leafy green vegetables and fruits, you will cure a lot of ailments. You will be able to stay lean and lower your body weight. Is it possible to be so healthy that your cells never get cancer or your body never suffers from heart disease?  Many doctors today are teaching people about raw food eating. Is it possible to stay away from unhealthy foods in order to live longer? Many people in India say that the best diets are those that are lived on with fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts.  These are God’s foods. When we take a person and feed them lots of meat and starches, their body begins to deteriorate. Do you know why? It seems to be because people are not getting the health and nutrition that their bodies need.  A man as young as 45 can suffer a heart attack because of years of eating a regular American diet.

An American diet often consists of pastas, meats, starches and fast foods.  It is possible for a man to die before their 50th birthday. How come some people are living past the age of 100 by limiting or completely eliminating these types of foods?  Did you know that 50 is not an old age by today’s standards? Many people that juice regularly on green healthy vegetables say that they can heal a lot of ailments that most people suffer from.  Foods like hemp seeds are said to fight cancer and other diseases as well. It is interesting to find out that many people in the world today don’t want to be sick. They are trying to fight disease naturally and on their own.  When the immune system gets healed of sickness, it tends to repair itself. You can easily live to be well over 100.  Many raw foodists that live past age 100 seem to have all of their senses there. They seem to never get bored and often like to help people out that are having troubles and problems. I love to help people out with their nutrition questions. I think that we are living in a generation where we will see the average life expectancy to raise to well over 80. I think that people are wanting to live longer because they are seeing life as something amazing and powerful. We can all look at life and see that we are not alone. We can easily see our life and get a lot more out of it.  It is wonderful to see our lives growing.


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