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Is free astrology as good as paid for astrology?  This question is not always easy to answer since a lot of people in the world today want to believe that a paid reading is the best way to go for accuracy. After all, if someone is a really good astrologer, do they have the time to sit around creating free astrology charts?  Probably not. However, here is a story that might amaze you.

I have been a fan of astrology for over 20 years of my life. I must have paid out thousands of dollars over that course of time. I spend years wondering about my soulmate and who loved me. I hired psychics and astrologers to solve my problems.  I eventually ran into someone that gave me a free astrology reading via chat.  I said, “Why not give it a try?”  I knew that she was extremely clairvoyant within the first few seconds of my reading. She told me that my husband Frank was about to become unemployed. I knew that she was right on target because a few days’ prior, my husband told me that there was rumor going around about layoffs. She assured me that he would be laid off, but a new job would come around for him in just a month.  I was thrilled to hear that because I had an expensive mortgage to pay and a lot of debts as well. I could not afford to have my husband sitting around watching T.V. all day.

In return, I my husband came home almost in tears a few days later. He was so unhappy because he lost his job.  I told him about the reading that I had online. He was not to impressed. He didn’t believe in astrology or psychics. I said, watch and you will see.  Shockingly, within two weeks, he had another job interview with an offer. He wanted to work and he did. He never became a believer in astrology, but my reality became true. I did indeed meet this woman online that did astrology for free. She was just as accurate as others that I hired before in the past.  In my opinion, free astrology is just as good as paid astrology. I think that you have to choose your astrologer with wisdom. Get read by someone that you think will open doors for you and help you to see the truth in your situation.

The energy around this is going to keep on moving forward.  There seems to be a lot of people in the world today that enjoy watching astrologers at work. I like to see how they can just tap into someone’s life and make sense of a difficult situation. Psychic mediums amaze me to. They can just pick up on someone in an audience and see that a man with lung cancer is coming through. This man happens to be their father.  I hope to someday open my mind up to the specifics of the spiritual world. I think that at times, my mind begins to wander about the truth.


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