Libra Horoscope

She is often born in the month of October and seeks out men that are of the Virgo, Taurus and Cancer sign. She loves to speak her mind and often has great ideas when it comes to business. She is often quiet when it comes to passing out any kind of negativity. She is a defender of those that are being bullied and offers sound advice to those that are hurting. She always gives of herself freely and tends to make people smile. She often feels like her life is put into a good situation.  Her mind is all about pleasing herself and those that are all around her. The energy that she tends to give happens to have long lasting positive side effects. She doesn’t like to make people feel like they are less than equal.

A Libra woman often finds love with a Virgo man. She is often geared towards his charming ways and ability to have long depth conversations. The tend to seek one another for advice. There always seems to be some sort of a longing for love and for desire to feel wanted. A Libra horoscope is often there for people searching for truth in their life. They often want to seek out a clear direction when it comes to learning about their outcomes.

You may find a Libra woman dancing around on the dance floor.  She has such a knack for making people smile. She has a way of learning how to overcome painful obstacles in her life. She wants to badly influence those that are hurting and having a difficult time in their life. At times, she tends to make people laugh. She is often funny and has a huge heart.  She tends to give of herself a lot more freely. She is the kind of person that must makes people feel amazed.  She is into acting, karate and fishing. She likes to do outdoors types of things and can be a home body at times as well. You will find that Libra women share their opinion freely. She is known to be a leader and an expert in different styles of music. You will often find her playing the piano or simply listening to a calm song in her head. She is often looking for someone to count on when she needs a good listening ear. She is the kind of person that is friendly and outgoing. She tends to make people see their faults and does it with such class.

As a student, Libra is extremely bright. She tends to make people see that she has an amazing effect on what is truthful. She tends to make people see the truth in all things. There is something inside of a Libra woman that makes her feel excited. There is a part of Libra that makes everyone say that something new is coming in. There is a lot of effects that are exceptionally well in a Libra.  She tends to know exactly what she wants.



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