Are Psychics Evil?

A lot of religious groups say that psychics are evil.  Many religions teach that psychics worship the devil.  Is it true that psychics worship the devil? What can we learn about psychics in the 21st century that we did not know before? For starters, I never met a psychic reader that worshiped the devil. Most psychics that I know say that they are either a spiritualist or a Christian.  I know of many that say that they are not of no religion at all. However, I have never met a psychic that said that they worshiped the devil. I have been in the psychic industry for well over 30 years. I can tell you that most psychics don’t want to be labeled as a devil worshiper.

In my experience, people tend to have a gift for reading people. Most people that read into the past, present and future say that they can tap into another dimension in order to find help for people that are in need. Many people today are hurting and lost. They have no idea how to be happy.  Most people are hurting for money and don’t know if they are going to be able to pay for the roof that is over their heard right now. Sometimes we just don’t know where to turn.

I don’t believe that psychics are evil. For starters, they often want to help people because they are in need. Most psychics either use clairvoyance or tarot cards to do a reading. There are some that practice numerology or astrology.  It all depends on the individual and what they consider to be their gift. I once knew a lady that practiced all of her gifts equally. She was great at astrology, horoscopes, numerology and clairvoyance. She must have had 40+ years of experience. Her gifts came out of her rather naturally. I was proud to call her my friend. She was often visiting me and my family.  I think that we met her whole I was on vacation.

There are still psychics out there that do evil things. However, I don’t see them as being evil from within. Most people that I have met want to help others out. We are living in a time period in which you need lots of money to survive. We need lots of money to pay for our homes, cars, electronics, computers, repair people and so forth. You probably need around $100,000 per household in order to live comfortably.  However, most people do not even earn half of this amount in any given year. We are one of the wealthiest countries on the planet and still cannot provide decent jobs for the citizens.  Most of the money is given to wealthy business men and women. What can it probably profit a man if he keeps millions of dollars in the bank?  Wouldn’t it be better to help other people out with all of that money?  After all, you can’t take it with you when you die.

Are psychics evil? I personally do not think so and I will tell you why. I believe that everyone in life has a calling and sometimes we have to walk towards our calling instead of running away from it. People that genuininely have a psychic calling; really want to help other people. When I first started my psychic practice, I actually did psychic readings for free. I used to volunteer my services on psychic websites. I never even thought of charging people for my readings because I thought that it was against my religion and something that I thought was a free gift.

However, I felt God calling me to the fully time ministry and I knew that I had to make a living at doing what I was called to do. To make a long story short, I didn’t start working on the psychic hotline until I was in my 30’s. From the age of 12, I always felt close to God. I always wanted to help people with their faith and with their belief in God. I have always wanted to allow people to see that they could find God through prayer. As I grew older I realized that not everyone prays and asks God for help. I think that God uses people to minister to others.

I think that being a pastor is great because it allows you to walk towards people that truly want to get the help that they need through others that truly want to care about them. I don’t think that looking into the spirit world is wrong. In fact if you are really good at it, then you can really help people. I think that the spirit world has a lot in it for all of us to learn from. We all have to follow a calling in our lives and we are supposed to live up to it to our fullest potential. I think that when we have a clear image of our lives and the way that we are supposed to walk in it, we can really learn to grow and to be obedient to God and to our callings.


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