Black Magic: What it Deals With

Black magic often makes people question their own spirituality. When someone casts a spell on you or tells you to light a candle, this has to do with black magic. Black magic was extremely popular during biblical days and before the 19th century. Even though it is still practiced today, most people don’t know anything about how spells really work. Often, black magic is practiced in families that pass their gifts down from generation to generation. These spells often have to do with candle lighting, potions, oils, incense and a “witches brew”. Witchcraft is often associated with black magic because it deals with controlling spirits and entities from another dimension.

The world today seems to be obsessed with psychics. The former Soviet Union is seeing an uprising of psychics.  It is said that 1 out of every 4 people visit a psychic at least once a year. It is estimated that most of these people are wealthy business men and women. They are looking for spiritual cleansings and the spiritual world speaking to them. It is exciting to see how many people in the world want to help others with a spiritual connection. The spiritual world seems to be an exciting place for the most part. I like to speak to people that know something about black magic. It can be really confusing for people that are looking to learn more about this subject. Most people want to run away from black magic and scary entities. I tend to run towards these things and appreciate the fact that most people want to hear what I have to say as well. The spiritual world has a lot of goodness in it. When we use our abilities for or own purpose, it actually works for us. The time that it takes to overcome or obstacles takes time and a lot of courage. Life in general seems to work with us in new ways.
I think that a black magicians hand book helps a psychic to use their gifts of clairvoyance and the spiritual world to see into the future. There is always something that can be visualized and for many different reasons. Remember that there are things associated with life that you simply do not understand. I like it when people tell me that my life is more about myself and learning how to overcome an obstacle. Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense to put away false claims. You must be truthful to your gift in order to grow from it. People often tell me that they are a witch or something that practices witchcraft. I often don’t want to believe it for several different reasons. For starters, I like it when people tell me that they can see into their own lives. Life is not what you think it is. People often want to examine their own heart and ask themselves basic questions.  Why do people often look back on their life and see change? I think it’s because change is always possible when you are willing to start from the inside of your heart.



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