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How can someone know if they are psychic or not? Perhaps by getting a free psychic ability test on the internet. These types of tests allow you to see if you have clairvoyant or mediumship abilities. It lets you know where you stand exactly. In time, your life becomes more whole and solid. You begin to see what the universe has in store for you. Life can have many ups and downs in it. Sometimes we cannot see anything that we did not understand before. Life can be a burden for most people. Most people want to believe that their life actually touches another person. In most cases it does. However, for psychics it goes a step further. For instance, people often call the psychic hotline because they want to speak to someone about the pain and hurt that they are experiencing on a regular basis. I think that people in general tend to know themselves a little bit more. Most people ask themselves what the future has in store for them. It’s important to get to know yourself and what you are all about.

I think that a live psychic reading can make you feel totally complete.  Inside of your heart, there is a new beginning taking place. You have to always look at the facts and see that life is something that makes complete sense. At times, you get to see which way your life roles.  You need to look at life and ask yourself if you are truly psychic. In order to do this, take out a piece of paper. Write down some reasons why you think that you may be psychic. In this way, you can share with your friends and family why you may or may not be psychic. In reality, your life can mean something deeper than you ever thought was possible. Most family members are prone to telling their loved one that are spiritually gifted to help others. It is best to just keep your ideas to yourself if you don’t understand your own gifts. Letting out your ideas can actually help people to see that you have something that is remotely psychic.

If you are like me, you probably get a lot of people asking you to give them a free reading. I often do this several times a week. I often blank my mind out and tell people what I am seeing in front of me. The world tends to see something that we didn’t know existed.  The spiritual world is unique and different in so many ways. I pray often because I never know what is ahead for me. However, the spiritual world opens doors for me because of different reasons. I think that my psychic gift is rare because I can see factual information for people. Many people often ask me why I can see things for people. All that I can say is that it just happens. I was born with psychic gifts.  It is a natural occurrence in my life.

Don’t be surprised if someone says that psychic abilities reside in all of us. But not all are aware of this. This is because some of us are more tuned to them and some are not. Therefore, we are not sure if we have some special psychic abilities or not. Have you ever heard the phone ring and known who was calling? Do you often have a feeling of déjà vu, a sense that you’ve been somewhere or done something before? If so, you may have had a flash of psychic ability. If you are psychic you need to find this out about yourself. If you are one, you will know some information that you may not be aware of knowing. Else you might just be a good guesser.

If all this happening around you, you need to find out if you are really a psychic or not. To do so, you need to take a psychic test. There are some free psychic ability tests available online which will help you. These tests entail questions which will check how well you predict the future of the randomly chosen events. Another method of tests asks you to guess or influence the up coming events. The very nature of online free psychic ability tests are such that they give you tasks that actually test the ESP or the extrasensory perception as it is known commonly. But this is not all. To check different psychic abilities, there are different free psychic ability tests.

One of the best known free psychic ability tests is based on a set of cards called the Zener cards. This is a lot of fun to do. Plus the results are immediate with this free psychic ability test which can be done online. These cards have different shapes on them and the computer will randomly select a card. You have to try to pick up the same card. After a few trials you get better at it and selecting the right card becomes easy.

There are other free psychic ability tests too. There is a psychic ESP test which uses a color wheel. You have to select the color you think the computer will select the next time. Some tests have more traditional question-answer format. But the questions will have different focuses. The questions will range from daily life or things about your personal life. It will also measure how empathetic you feel towards people around you. There are scores of tests for people who want to know about their psychic abilities. But if you are not satisfied you will have to delve deeper into this aspect of your life. You can go in for regression therapy or consult a psychiatrist.

So do you want to know if you are psychic or not? Try out the various free psychic ability tests available online. If you are, then we hope you use your abilities for a good cause. Make the world a better place and hope world peace prevails!

Free psychic ability tests can have great karma and answers for those that truly want to know and understand their own spiritual surroundings. People often have a hard time confronting their own spiritual wanting. However, a free psychic ability test can really help you to see the light in which you are wanting to get near. You have to find it inside of your heart to move forward and to see where your life is going to be headed in the long run of things. You must always do what you feel is right in your own eyes so that you can see what your life is truly going to be all about. You have to learn how to do what is right so that things can continue to go into a good direction for you. The more responsibility that you take for your life, the better it is going to turn out in the very end of all things.

Don’t worry if you cannot understand what a free psychic ability test can truly do for you. Some people don’t even know what one even is. People that get these free psychic tests usually say that you have the ability to work towards what you really want when you really want to have it. You don’t have to be misunderstood if you cannot fully see where your life is going to be headed overall. You must always look forward and into the future for the results in which you are trying to get. You must always look at your own life and feel some sort of a relief towards your own financial future.

You have the ability to follow your heart towards your own dreams and to do what you possibly can to help yourself out by taking yourself into a new direction. Your life has to go in one way in order to see the light in another direction. When you take matters into your own hands, you are really using your own psychic intuition. A persons psychic intuition can really show someone that there is hope on the other side of the world and that they have every right to do what is right through their own eyes. People often fail to realize that they have the power to create their own spiritual destiny. Did you know that a free psychic ability test can help you to see the light no matter what direction you are truly trying to go into. You can find the light in your own spiritual destiny when you try to figure out your own path. You can find your own spiritual path by first trying to offer someone your heart and then your inner spirit. You have to really try to follow after your heart in order to see just how something gets started. When you try to do what you can, everything else around you begins to follow and you begin to go your own separate ways. You begin to follow the right way.

Has something uncanny happened to you? For example have you had some sort of a premonition about some event and has it come true? A lot of people have a sixth sense stronger than others. We need to understand that there is something beyond our ordinary level of perception. Reading somebody’s mind is another instance of your sixth sense ticking off. You most probably have a psychic ability. Its not a bad attribute to have in your personality, in fact I would say some people must be pretty envious of this gift or talent you possess.

To know more about this ability, you can try out a free test of psychic ability. These tests are easily available on the net and it can help you to gain more knowledge and better understanding about this ability. Before you take a test, it would be better if you understood the true meaning of the term “psychic ability”. I would say that people who are psychic have a mysterious ability to delve into the human mind and elements in our world to divulge information pertaining to the past or the future. If you do possess this ability and have been having visions about events, you should go in for a free test of psychic ability.

Today psychic abilities are linked with astrology. The most popular or well known psychic powers comprise of palm readings, telepathic predictions, tarot card readings, numerological readings etc. One example of the free test of psychic ability is the Zener cards. They are five cards with symbols on them. The symbols are: a circle, wavy lines, a star, a square and a cross. You have to guess which symbol will be projected on a blank card shown on that page. Your guesses will be appraised and you will then be informed how psychic you are.

Another way to determine this ability is by guessing colors. In this free test of psychic ability you will see a color wheel on your screen. You have to choose any one color you think will appear in the blank box provided on that page. You will be given score for the right guess and you will then know if you are psychic.

The third type of free test of psychic ability is where you have numbers instead of symbols on the cards. You guess which number should appear in the blank box. Depending on the score in relation to your guesses you will be informed about your degree of psychic ability.

If you can cultivate the ability to observe minute nuances in your daily life it will help you to further deduce and to a great extent predict the future. We all have a sixth sense; it just lies dormant within us. If you get poor scores in the above mentioned tests, try observing things around you. You will soon develop your sixth sense and will be able to use it to improve the quality of your life and of those around you.

Everyone has some psychic abilities inside him or her. But some people are more in tune with this psychic ability than others. Psychic abilities can be developed through proper training and tests. Free psychic ability tests are also available online as well as with various psychic readers. Harnessing one’s psychic ability lead the person to a more successful and fulfilling life. A psychic reader who uses their psychic abilities to foretell their client’s future uses different types of psychic abilities. Some of the basic psychic abilities that the psychic readers use include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and aura reading.

Free psychic ability tests are meant for those who are attracted towards the field of psychics as a matter of pastimes or seriously want to take psychic up as a professional career. Most of the people go to an experienced psychic reader and thus the psychic readers are always under constant test. And every time they are facing new challenges that become unique and bewildering for both the client and the psychic reader.

Free psychic ability tests can help a person to know if he is psychic or not. But people who are psychic readers are mostly self-taught. They also believe they are gifted with a keen inclination towards the psychic power and they have a strong extra sensory perception. Thus they never required taking free psychic ability tests. This is because of the fact that they feel that they can actually connect and communicate with the spirit world than any other ordinary human being. They have the gift of reading of the thoughts of spirits and angels from the other world.

Any person who wishes to take up a free psychic ability tests can search the Internet for a good psychic website. There is innumerable number of websites that enables a person to take the test. People who have undergone the free psychic ability tests had four major kinds of experiences.

  • Telepathy – Telepathy is the transmission of feeling and occurrences. It is like doing or saying the same things as that of another person. It is also kind of sharing thoughts without any conversation.
  • Precognition – Precognition is the ability to understand and recognize the daydreams and night dreams that a person may have. These dreams reveal accurate information about people they know and places they have been.
  • Clairvoyance – Clairvoyance is actually seeing the spirits and experiencing the communication between the other world and our world.
  • Synchronicity – This is the coincidence between two unrelated events, which takes place at the same moment, and same place revealing information that is later discovered as strikingly meaningful.

Free psychic ability tests are provided to people who are in need of discovering the truth about their future as well as themselves and also finding out the answers they are interested to know. The free psychic ability tests are done with different methods as well as softwares. Some of these methods include tarot card reading, Zenner card test, different shapes, colors, numbers, faces, letters, foods, animals and various other things. Free psychic ability tests are taken to evaluate ones psychic ability and knowing the answers about something. People who have immense psychic ability believe that they have a prophetic gift within themselves.

Sometimes we hear this inner voice which tells us what is right and what is not. Psychologists call that part of our personality as the super ego. This super ego judges and interprets every action done by us and puts it in either of the two boxes, a good one or a bad one. We are here today to discuss about something that is quickly storming over the internet that is free psychic ability tests. The first question that might pop up in your head what exactly is a psychic ability. The most formal definition of a psychic ability is “a simple straight forward way to find your inner-self and how to develop and use your under-developed sixth sense.”

These tests are nothing but signs to prove that you can possibly be psychic and be liable for a profession like a psychic reader. Let us briefly discuss what types of psychic abilities exist. It is divided into three main types which are: Clairvoyance: it is the gift of seeing visions. Visual images can be connected to any person you might know or might have just seen once. It highly depends on the ability of the psychic to interpret what exactly they’re seeing in front of them.

Clairaudience: this is the gift of the hearing spirit. Where psychic readers normally hear things around them or can hear someone talking in the background although there is no one. These are also the people who claim to know what the opposite person is thinking. Clairsentience: this is the gift of sensing. There are quite often psychic readers who claim to sense things even when they don’t exist. They can feel humans, objects moving around them.

An important factor highlighted here is that these psychic tests are absolutely free which means now you need not shell out money to know whether you possess anyone of the above given abilities. It is in plain words free psychic ability tests. Let us now discuss one such psychic test wherein the psychic quotient of the individual is put at test and as per the results his character is analysed. This is one of the free psychic ability tests that I’ve come across and it’s called “Learn your Psychic Quotient”. In this test there are questions related to psychology like have you ever got a “gut” feeling about something wrong is going to happen and it did?


Have you predicted something correctly? You could know this through our free psychic ability tests.

The user has to give himself, marks out of four which range from 1 – never, 2 – rarely, 3 – sometimes and 4 – frequently. The higher the score the higher is the assumption that your psychic abilities are stronger than a common man. These are used on a daily basis by students, professionals and parents because everyone has an intuition that they possess some kind of ability. These free psychic ability tests might hold true in most of the cases provided they taken seriously and not just in a context of a normal test.

Human beings are inquisitive and always eager to know of things beyond this world. It is believed that every human being has some sort of sixth sense. The thing that distinguishes a psychic and a normal person is the extent of that ability. Most people have experienced moments like thinking about some person and then running into that person unexpectedly, or picking up the phone knowing exactly who is on the other side. Many researchers believe that there is super-consciousness or a shared consciousness that we are tapping into. There are several skeptics and also several believers. However, the increasing number of people being drawn towards psychics and their abilities is strong proof of the fact that this field is gaining popularity. Several people regularly visit psychics for answers relating to their careers, money, love life etc. This ancient ability is showing no signs of slowing down or becoming redundant. In fact, it is flourishing, with psychic parlors and even psychics available online. Naming a few free test psychic abilities

There are several free test psychic abilities that have been reported through the years, here is a look at some of them:

• Automatic writing: Writing produced without conscious thought. • Clairvoyance: Perception outside the known human senses. • Faith healing: Diagnosing and healing diseases. • Astral Projection: An out of body experience achieved by lucid dreaming or deep meditation. • Psycho kinesis: Manipulation of matter, space, time or energy. • Telepathy: Transfer of thoughts of emotions, or knowing another person’s thoughts. • Scrying: Use of an item to view events in the future. There are several other psychic abilities that people possess. Many good psychics’ possess more than one of these abilities. People can also develop their gifts and become more open to them and thereby get better.

Acknowledging free test psychic abilities

It is possible to develop your own psychic abilities. The first step to developing your ability is to acknowledge it. It is a well known fact that when a person learns something through repetition, the brain rewires itself to accommodate that task. The process of developing psychic abilities starts with your belief in them. Positive thoughts have a positive effect on development of your abilities. There are several exercises which help develop your abilities, like scanning, predictions and online tests. The internet is a great place to look for these tests.

Since this is a field where it is impossible to actually produce concrete evidence of anything, it is advisable that you do not take claims and readings too seriously. There are many people out there who are not legitimate and may only pretend to have psychic abilities. It is important to keep yourself safe and out of trouble. You must not get involved in any kind of illegal rituals or sacrifices. It is reasonable to explore your abilities and also to be inquisitive about your future, however you must always be alert and distance yourself from any frauds. Exploring psychic abilities are intriguing, fascinating and exciting, but always keep an eye out for your own safety and well-being.


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