List of Psychic Abilities

If you are new to the psychic field, here is a list of psychic abilities that a person can possess. Some of them you have heard of and others may be completely new to you. It is important to understand that psychics throughout the world think and practice their art of reading people differently. No two psychics are exactly alike. Some psychic use tarot cards and others use clairvoyance. Some are mediums and others are clairaudient. You can find a psychic that practices astrology, numerology and horoscope as well. You can find psychics that read palms or go well into the spiritual world using their third eye. The third eye is located in the center of your forehead. When you look through it, you can see something for another person. You may even begin predicting the future for yourself or a loved one.

You may find that clairvoyant gifts are most desirable. In this gift, psychics close their eyes and tell you what they see. If they are a good psychic reader, they will tell you something that is factual. Perhaps you are looking for love and may seek out a love psychic. Love psychics often focus on your future life partner. You may find a love psychic that reads on soulmates or your future husband/wife. There are millions of psychic in the world today. Sorcery is still in practice today and so is runes casting.  You may find people that use dominos to predict the future as well. There are many reasons as to why a person seeks out the help of a psychic.

If you need help with your finances, then a money psychic is probably your best bet. You really don’t to use a psychic that only deals with love if you are seeking money.  You may be surprised to find out that a reiki healer can heal your energy and chakras. You may be feeling extra tried these days. When you begin to feel more relaxed, good things begin to happen for you. You will find that a man that practices witchcraft is good at casting spells. They may be experts in lighting candles that actually have meaning behind them.  You may find that they are great at getting someone to fall in love with you.  It is important to have a list of expectations from a psychic reader. I find that getting a psychic reading is helpful when you are hurting. If you need a friend to talk to, psychic chat lines are always open to the public. Today, people are texting, chatting, emailing and phoning psychics.  You may find that it’s a secret. People that you work with everyday often use psychics. The psychic industry is a multibillion dollar industry.  This means that a lot of people have an interest in psychics and want everyone to know about it.  It is a good idea to tell others what you are seeing about the spiritual world as well.  It is a great idea to see psychics chatting with you about all kinds of subjects as well.

There is a strong list of psychic abilities in the air.  There are: clairvoyant, rune and astrology types of psychic advisors.  Psychic advice is often given to people that truly want to learn more about the psychic industry.  When someone wants to give a live psychic reading, they usually get a large list of psychic abilities and then go with the flow.  People often like to show off their psychic abilities to those that truly want to hear about them.  More and more, people are beginning to realize the facts about a psychic abilities type of reading.  I’m seeing that a good energy can flow out of someone that truly wants to see just what a psychic reading is truly all about.  When you look at someone, they may seem like they are not interested in giving you a good psychic reading and in reality, they may be the best person for you in regards to having a good psychic ability.  You have to be willing and open to learn from the best and to learn what is going to be in store for your future.

We all have goals in life and some people actually carry their list of psychic abilities around with them to show that their goals are highly meaningful and beneficiary to something into the future.  When you look at yourself in the mirror, you have to truly see that you have what it takes to be you.  You have what it takes to take matters into a higher realm of things.  When you look at yourself in the mirror, you should see who you really are as a person.  People that often look at themselves through the eyes of a computer, often see what others cannot see.  You have to be willing to show face into a psychic realm of things for whatever reason.  You don’t have to worry about not knowing exactly what to do because most people don’t know what to do anyway.  However, you have to see for yourself that you have what it takes to be highly successful and motivated in this world when it comes to any one sort of a thing.  Don’t take no for an answer.  Tell people how you really feel about love and go with the flow of things.  Allow people to tell you their true psychic gifts as well.

I have learned that giving a list of psychic abilities is good because it allows you to see the outcome of a person’s life and the existence of things throughout the course of someone’s life in general. You have to learn how to discuss matters with yourself and you have to learn how to let go when you know that things are not right.  You have to learn how to decide for yourself when things go bad and when things don’t seem like they are going to pan out for you in the end of all things.  Just take matters into your own hands and look at yourself in the mirror.  Why are you here and what needs to take place for you in the future.  In my opinion, you have to be totally open to whatever it is that the spirit guides are going to give to you overall.

Psychic abilities are present in all human beings. It is just the difference in the level of this ability present in a person that makes some people ordinary and others psychic. The best example o psychic ability can be seen in everyday life when people are often overheard saying, “I have strong feeling that the train is going to get delayed” or “The football game is going to be won by the Hawks despite them being several points down”. These are just basic examples but there a whole list of psychic abilities that a person can have and we shall explore that in this article.

While the list of psychic abilities is quite extensive we will look at a selected few:-

• Clairvoyance – This is derived from the French words which mean “to see clearly”. A clairvoyant is someone who is able to gain information about an object or person with the help of means other than normal human senses. Sometimes clairvoyants are also able to sense information about locations and events as well. Psychics can see what most people cannot see normally. In many cases they can see events in the past or future. In other instances they are able to communicate with the spirits of people who have passed from this world.

• Telekinesis – From the Greek word that is roughly translated as ‘distance movement’ telekinesis is the ability to manipulate an object from a distance without having any physical contact with it whatsoever. This is probably one of the most fascinating from this list of psychic abilities and there have been many controversial cases of people who have claimed to have such powers but turned out to be hoaxes. This is also referred to as Psychokinesis.

• Precognition – This ability’s name is derived from the Latin words which mean ‘future sight’. Precognition refers to ability to perceive information about the future which cannot be deduced presently.

• Telepathy – This word originates from the Greek language where tele stands for distant/distance and pathy refers to an affliction or experience. In telepathy, there is a transfer of thoughts and feeling from one individual to another without using the five basic human senses. It is considered to be an extra sensory perception and was earlier referred to as thought transference. Telepathy along with Psychokinesis forms the main branches of parapsychological research. As a power telepathy is quite commonly found in popular media like superhero comics and similar themed movies.

• Faith Healing – The last one in our list of psychic abilities is faith healing which finds its roots in the thought that religious belief (i.e. faith) will help a person recover from their mental and physical problems.

These are just a few from a vast list of psychic abilities that include astral projection, remote viewing, scrying, levitation and many other varied powers that people claim to possess. Many people now use their psychic abilities to help others for free and some have made it into a career which earns them a good income.

Psychic ability is the inherent sensitivity to things which are generally believed to be beyond the natural range of human perception. It is derived from Greek words psychikos which means mental or related to mind. Every one of us has this ability but we do not tend to recognize and label what we experience in our life. These abilities are often hidden and only surface when faced by any unnatural circumstances. Humans may not be aware of their possession of these abilities and hence tend to ignore them without making complete use of them.

Contrary to the general misconception among us, psychic ability is not something which is super human or paranormal in nature. This ability depends upon the intuitive nature of the person and his understanding of his emotions in various circumstances faced by him in his life. The level of trust a human shows upon his intuition is directly related to his psychic ability. The greater the trust bestowed upon your internal voices the stronger is the psychic ability. Every one can tap his own psychic ability if he believes in his intuition and by validating and reasoning with the voices that come to him internally.

psychic ability like all other inherent qualities is not one of those which can be developed by subscribing to enormous amounts of literature pertaining to it. These abilities can never be learnt at any schools which proclaim to do so, nor would studying voodoo and Tarot cards develop this. These must be experienced before they can be developed. Human body contains different energy centers within itself which are known as Chakras. Through them information is processed, validated and understood by us. Each energy center is a place where a group of nerves meet and form a nerve center. There are mainly seven Chakras in a human body and some of them; second, fifth and sixth to be precise control our psychic information. Concentrating, analyzing and validating the flow of information through these nerve centers would help in developing the psychic ability.

Some people also believe that psychic ability can be enhanced through the study and practice of meditation. Meditation is inarguably the best way to recognize your psychic ability as it offers a peace of mind to listen to your internal voices. There are more than 15 recognized psychic abilities with Clairvoyance, Medium ship and Psychometry being the most sought abilities. Astrology is also among one of these abilities which is the most ancient of all these.

Studies on psychic ability show that they are developed by people who had high levels of concentration and faith in themselves to believe that they have these extra sensory abilities. Sometimes these may also be hereditary but these have to be recognized and worked upon to get the best results. Criticism and adulation do seem to exist still on these abilities as these have much to do with human nature as a whole but psychic ability continues to be an interesting prospect of study and practice.


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