Mediums: They Can Speak to the Dead and Living

A psychic medium is someone that can speak to the dead and the living alike. You may find that mediums have a weird way of connecting with those that have “crossed over” to the other side. Many mediums today say that they are looking for answers for the living. You may find that a medium is both clairvoyant and uses tarot cards. Many mediums connect well with people in a private session. I have had several mediumship readings throughout the course of my life. They have always helped me to see into the future of those that have crossed over. The weird thing is that I have seen so many people through the eyes of a medium. I once had a medium tell me that my dead grandfather was visiting me regularly. Shockingly, I sensed his prese sense for years. I don’t smoke and yet I used to smell tobacco smoke all throughout my house. I always wondered if that was him.

The shocking things about mediums is that they don’t always make sense. Sometimes they will say a name or describe an ailment and you may not be familiar with it. A medium once told me that she felt a cigarette burn on her right arm. I said, I have no idea why.  Little did I know that I had a friend named Jimmy that died in a car accident. His mother abused him as a child and he had a cigarette burn on his arm. I found that out from his sister. I bumped into her accidently after I had my live psychic reading with her.

I can honestly say that spiritual beings tend to make us think more in depth about our lives. We often say, “Is there a unisex out there beyond our own?”  We can easily see that we do not have all of the answers. However, we can often find out that something is in our lives that make all of the difference. We have to see that in life, we can overcome past obstacles and make sense out of our own lives. I like to feel like my life is bonded to people that want to help me out in my life as well. The spiritual world is a weird place.  Not everyone can see it or even wants to. However, I find it to be most appealing when people point out things in my life that makes sense. I have to say that sometimes I freak myself out with the information that I can pick up. I am pretty psychic myself and often see the spiritual world as growing and becoming more powerful. Over time, I can see that change is possible and that things are relating to a new future. With life, all things become more powerful to each of us. We give power to what makes sense and toss away what doesn’t.

Can a psychic medium help you?  That is to be determined by the psychic readings that you allow yourself to get.



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