Have you ever seen the movie, “The Sixth Sense?”  This movie freaks me out every single time that I see it. I guess it’s because I am a psychic reader and can definitely relate to the kid in the movie that can speak to spirits. I have spoken to thousands of spirits throughout the course of my life. Every day that I think about a ghost, I see them around me in different ways. You can often see and hear from the dead in the comfort of your own home. A spirit’s voice is often all around us. I often love to watch haunted movies. Anything having to do with ghosts, I am a fan. I once watched a movie called the conjuring. It was spooky as heck. I can tell you that it kept me up for days. It was about two ghost hunters named Ed and Lorraine Warren. This movie freaked me out because it was based on a true life story. You may be asking yourself if ghosts are even real.  If you have lived for as long as I have, you could say that yes they are real.

A lot of people think that psychics are pure Hollywood. However, I can tell you that they are not. Most psychics have felt “psychic” since they were a child. I know that I felt my psychic gift at the young age of 19.  I was into my own world and would often watch horror movies and burn my incense and candles at night. One night a ghost came into my room and made me a believer. I began communication with them ever since. I can honestly say that my life has changed in a good way because of the spiritual connections that I have made with the outside world. The spirit world is always out there.  We can always see something unique and powerful in our lives. I like to think of movies as my friend.

You can say that as a teenager, I used to sit around and watch movies constantly. I was a big movie buff. I liked watching movies better than television or games. My friends would often come over and I would pop in my VCR tape and start watching. Do you remember the days in which you can just kick back and watch movies about all sorts of things? I remember watching the movie Alien for the first time and ET.  These two movies were great. They weren’t exactly scree. However, it brought the attention to the possibility of aliens being around in the world. People today say that UFO’s and aliens are real.  They may in fact be real. For all I know, an alien can be living right next door to me. Aliens are a great way of seeing the future. I often have fun with people that want to see the truth for what it is.  People often tell me that they would feel very lonely without friends or movies.


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