Psychic School

Is there such a thing as a psychic school? There are many training programs around the United States that focus on developing your own psychic intuition.  Many of these groups teach you how to conduct a live psychic reading via chat, phone and email.  Many psychic companies offer training to their spiritual advisers and tell them how to read for someone. You may find that the art of reading another person takes time and effort. There are a lot of reasons why a person would want to read for someone. For starters, psychics tend to spot out interesting facts about a person. They may see you as being someone that needs to grow. You may find that a psychic reader has a full knowledge and awareness of the spiritual world itself. Many schools are there for the psychic reader as a support system.

No school can make someone become a psychic. You can find schools that teach you how to do astrology, tarot or runes casting. However, they cannot make you an accurate psychic. I have found that the psychic gift is in fact a born gift. The spirit world has to give you this gift and if you don’t have it, you are most likely not going to be accurate.

You can often spot a fake or newbie psychic by the many questions that they ask you.  Most psychics today want to tell you their whole life story. However, clients don’t care about that. They have answers to give to you and they often want to hear what you have to tell them.  If you are new to the psychic industry, then its best to take your time with trying to figure out what the spirit world is trying to say to you. What is it about the spiritual world that makes sense or doesn’t make sense?  Can you see the spiritual world for what it is or what it has to say to you?  Over time, you may look at the spiritual world and find something that is at least worthy of your time.

I have found that psychics that meditate and pray regularly are more powerful than those that try to wing it every day. Yes, psychics can teach you a thing of two about the spiritual world. They can teach you how to look at life a lot differently and for various different reasons. You may find that the spiritual world takes time and practice. You will find that he world makes a lot of sense and tends to become someone that they are not. Life can generally be alarming when you figure out different ways to overcome something entirely. Life tends to be a new force of life for very specific reasons. You can easily learn how to overcome a past obstacle because it tends to make sense. You can easily learn how to become different by opening your mind and your mouth.  Psychic schools are here to stay. However, don’t expect them to turn you into the next celebrity psychic.

In my opinion, you can’t really learn a lot from a psychic school. There are lots of psychic schools on the internet and my personal opinion of them is not very good. I know that some psychic schools claim that they can give you a certificate of completion, but it doesn’t prove that you are psychic. Some people claim to have a master’s degree in paranormal psychic studies and can read spirits. However, half of these people are not even psychic. I am very “old school” when it comes to psychic readers. I believe that you first have to be born with a psychic gift and then learn from it as you begin reading for people. I guess a psychic school can help you to learn more about spirituality, but it cannot teach you how to read people’s energy like a real psychic. If you don’t have the gift, then you will most likely not be a very good psychic.

It goes the same for any field. If I really wanted to be a major league baseball player, then chances are that I couldn’t be because I can throw a ball, but I am no major leaguer. I also would love to be a computer programmer, but I know that I can’t be because I am not good in math and I am not good at programming. So certain fields are cut out for people more than others. I want you to take a good look at yourself in the mirror and try to see what you are really good at.

I don’t want to discourage you from going to a psychic school, but I do think that they are a wasted of money because it will not guarantee you to be a good psychic reader. I think that psychic schools are good for teaching people about the psychic arts, but in order to be a good psychic, you have to give a lot of psychic readings. School will only take you so far and sometimes a psychic school can be a drag. I think that people that go to psychic school to just get a degree or certificate are really just wasting their time because it will not make you psychic. I think that you should instead give people a free psychic reading to see if they feel that you are psychic. The only people that can really say if you are psychic or not are your clients. They will be the ones paying you and telling others if they feel that you are a psychic advisor. I think that you can be a good psychic if you are really called to this field.


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