Aquarius love traits

Aquarius holds the eleventh position in the astrological cycle of sun signs and they are considered to be manly and a completely outgoing sign. They are born from January 20 to February 19. Aquarius is full of robust and eye-catching qualities. They are neutral, broadminded, love to discover, frank, realistic, energetic and have little dry wit. They are at times momentary hermits and look for retreats. They are friendly to the core, nobody dislikes them due to their persona but due to extreme mood sway they can be little problematic. They love to evaluate people on regular basis and are confused at every little matter. Aquarius love traits are very distinctive traits which make them very unusual from the whole masses and they are highly noticeable due to that. Aquarius love traits are they are very cold towards their partners and not in favor of displaying of love and feel uncomfortable to express their love to their mates. They would love their mates to any extent but will prove it in diverse ways. They attract highly passionate and emotional people which helps in sturdiness of the relationship because they balance their partner’s passion and fire with their cool and water reaction. However the fire does ignite the cold watery sign and slowly they do pick up the love traits. Aquarius love traits are their need to assure the desire of mental motivation because they need academic aspect for relationship to dwell else they become uninterested and feel displeased.

Aquarius love traits are really weird because they rarely feel jealous. They would not react to any of their partners teasing and flirtatious actions and would just not show their emotions to others. Aquarians are really good to have sex with they love to experiment and can really satisfy their passionate partners. They would seek for different types of activities to kill boredom and would keep you on your toes constantly. They would express their love for their partners through their innovative instincts and would create special surprises everyday to keep their partners happy. Aquarius are full of love and express that they don’t need love to be expressed for them but deep inside they need security and passionate love to be shown for them. However due to their love of experimenting and exploring different things they have zeal in them to have partners with different and eccentric mentality and bodies which also deals with their love for mystery and they don’t always react to their latent partner in encouraging manner.

Aquarius love traits are that they are loyal to the core and they stick to their love interests even in their toughest times without even thing what these circumstances would lead them to. They do not like to end their relationship over a spur of moment and thrive for long term relationship. Due to their love for loyalty their relationships always reach to their decided goals. They love to care for their loved ones with all the patience they have and are easily hurt due to their touching and sensitive nature. They always have a feeling as if no one understands them and they can be affectionate when in love. Since Aquarius are an air sign they are highly compatible with other air sign and make a lovely couple with them which are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.


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