Aries in Relationships

Aries is the first astrological sign in the Zodiac, named for the constellation of Aries, called “The Ram” in the Greek custom, after the golden ram that saved Phrixos, taking him to the land of Colchis.

People born when the Sun was in this sign are regarded as “Aries individuals”. In Western astrology, Aries is believed to be a “masculine”, positive (extrovert) sign. It is also believed to be a fire sign, and is one of four central signs. Aries is governed by the planet Mars.

Put an Aries in relationships and you will find yourself a true charmer. Aries have a charming manner and winning ways with the opposite gender. Aries is a masculine sign and will not follow you like a puppy in love. Aries in relationships will always tend to be controlling and wanting to have the upper hand in all situations. Aries are dominating by nature and also tend be very straightforward. What might comes across as harsh words to the person in front, for an Aries, it will only be the truth.

Women Aries in relationships tend to work towards defeating their partners. In case they succeed, which they generally do, unless they are up against the formidable Libran or Leo, they will lose respect for their partner and tend to move away. It is interesting to observe, however, that the common egotistical mask that Aries in relationships wear, generally hides a sense of deep rooted insecurity.

As a thumb rule, the very passionate, very intense and equally as demanding Aries require an equally self-possessed lover that can stimulate them. While Aries in relationships can be fiercely loyal, they will more often than not, be highly self-centered. Therefore, it is important for their partners to stand up to an Aries and have a sense of when to give them space. An Aries in relationships will be prone to bursts of temper. This is best dealt with if they are taken as a prelude to creating a deeper understanding. Also, think about the amazing kissing and making up session that will follow.

Aries in relationships of a personal kind are frank and high spirited. They are direct in their communications and are always candid. In terms of friends, they make very generous and enthusiastic friends. However, Aries in relationships with friends tend to often get competitive and sometimes these characteristics tend to cut them off from friends. Aries often tend to get along better with friends of their own gender rather than of the opposite sex.

Aries in relationships with children tend to make the best of parents. They are in fact touted to be the most defensive and loving parent of the entire Zodiac. Aries parents are very devoted to their children and would gladly lay down their lives for their kids.

Because of the fact that Aries have a very strong executive ability, they generally are better on their own rather than entering a business partnership. However, they can get along very well in a business deal with a native of Taurus.


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