Ask the doctor

We as humans have evolved on this planet with certain traits and not only humans but all species have evolved with some traits. The most common trait that we possess is our health. People believe that health is everything, because a person who is not in a sound condition of health cannot work. That in turn influences their lives to a great extent; they end up having empty pockets or worse being bankrupted of everything they once had. That’s why it is said that doctors came into existence, for the betterment of humanity. Right back from the early existence of man we’ve read stories of people being treated by ayurvedic medicines, and generally those who were scholars in the field of medicine would be the one’s who possessed this power.

An extra-ordinary power to advice and suggest the right medication to the patient in order to bring them back to their normal state of mind. I call it as an extra ordinary power because this job puts great responsibility on your shoulders and make you feel for others. That’s the reason whenever you see or hear that someone from your proximity is unwell, people suggest them to ask the doctor for further instructions. This term became popular over the years. We’ve seen this term being used in commercials, popular sitcoms, and movies and in speeches as well. When you see a teenager worried, and they’re on the lookout for their parents to give them useful advice all that you can hear them saying is “Go and ask the doctor.” It’s become a reasonably good excuse for everyone. You need help “ask the doctor,” you’re feeling low today “ask the doctor why?” You’re confused which pill suits your body, “ask him again” At this pace it seems that, soon when people would want to sneeze in a public gathering, they’ll ask for permission and you can then hear someone prompting the question, “Did you ask the doctor about this?” Believe it or not, we humans possess another trait of running away from our responsibilities, we fear the fact that we may not complete the task at hand and that’s why we blame it on someone else. We don’t enjoy doing this, but it is rightly said “When your tail catches fire, burn down that person’s house that seems to be the easiest target”.

You also see weird people at the clinic sometimes, and that makes me wonder. Is it just me or do people really start faking it up when they’re in a queue, and there’s no question of making an impression here they just want to show off that they exist and they’re suffering from a disease. Then they start conversing with you and they ask you weird questions like, “I don’t know what might have caused this?” “Do you know what maybe the reasons for this to happen to me?” I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling that’s why I just reply in my head, “Do I look like a doctor to you?”


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