Being a Prophet is Tough

The inner struggles of a prophet grow each and every day inside of a prophetic minister. Being a prophet is tough business. You are constantly put through tests and sometimes they are tough. Sometimes they are so deep that you may feel like just giving up on life. However, God comes and restores you and rescues you. I can honestly say that being a prophet is one of the best jobs in the world. It really allows you to help people from all walks of life.

However, it can sometimes be overwhelming. It can sometimes make you feel like your ministry is too tough to handle. God will often give you assignments that you do not fully understand. The main key is to just follow the voice of God inside of your heart. Let God know that you mean business and that you looking to follow Him no matter what. You have to show God that you are not going to back down no matter what job He gives you.

Prophets have a hard time because we are God’s spokesmen here on earth. Some of us have personal ministries to individual persons and others of us have ministries that are geared towards helping a local church or ministering to people at a pulpit. No matter what, you are called to do what you know is right. You have to do what God tells you to do.

Don’t expect your family and friends to understand your prophetic gift. They most likely will not understand your prophetic gift. Most people will not understand your lifestyle or the trust that you have in God to provide for you. Prophets have always been known to live and lead tough lives. If you take each day with prayer and with love, you will see that God will provide for you and give you happiness.

Your ministry will become unbalanced when you leave prayer out of it. You must pray every single day and let God know how you feel. He has a unique call on your life and it takes time to build your life to get closer to God.


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