Cancer man Virgo woman

Cancer man and Virgo woman though have different characteristics; they can be a compatible couple and show lot of affection, love for each other. In spite of different nature, they can lead a happy life and have a lasting bond. Cancer man will shower all his love and affection on Virgo woman to make her feel protected and secure. Since both are extremely dependable, loyal and sincere, they have no reason to get jealous or suspicious about each other. The only thing they need be careful is their criticism, because both are vulnerable to hurt. Particularly, Virgo woman needs to be extra careful about her criticism since by nature, she seeks perfection and when she does not see it, she can be very critical. Crab represents zodiac sign Cancer. Crabs are slow as well as sensitive and Virgos are patient and practical. She should remember that her Crab, is too sensitive and even a couple of harsh words could send him behind his shell.

The Cancer man is normally very patient with Virgo’s fastidious and precise nature. Virgo woman is normally very shy and finds it very hard to show her intimate and deepest feelings. The Cancer man will need to shower all his love and attention to stimulate his Virgo woman and she will keep him warm and cozy all through the life. Cancer man can teach his Virgo woman some patience as well as how to express one’s feelings. On the other hand, Virgo woman can teach her Crab to be more reasonable and not to be too sensitive.

Cancer man and Virgo woman makes a good match, which can lead to genuine and lasting bond. Cancer man and Virgo woman both will feel more confident and passionate with each other than with any other zodiac sign. Cancer man’s soft and cuddly style of lovemaking will make the Virgo woman feel warm and secure.

When a Cancer man dates a Virgo woman, they are in total harmony with each other. Right from the first date, the Virgo woman is aware that her Cancer man is “the one”. Virgo woman is aware of his sensitivity and depth. On the other hand, the Cancer man feels secure because some one like a Virgo woman with such refine taste chose him. Virgo woman is attracted towards Cancer man by his sharp features, his affectionate and compassionate behavior, but at the same time, his sudden mood swing may put Virgo woman in awkward condition. Cancer man in turn falls for the practical nature and simplicity of his Virgo woman. A Virgo woman will constantly strive to make her Cancer man happy by cuddling him whenever necessary. In turn, Cancer man with his sharp memory, imagination and attractive personality will draw a Virgo woman towards him. In short, Cancer man and Virgo woman when strongly bonded with love, affection, their mutual understanding and trust will make them compatible to each other. The only word of caution is they need a control on their sensitive and critical nature.


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