Capricorn Love Life

Zodiac signs invoke interest in people to know about the key characteristic features representing their sign. What does Capricorn represent? Capricorn represents Mountain goat. The main characters are stability and practice. The mountain goat’s strength is that they can climb the highest mountain with perseverance and achieve their goal by being stable. The strong traits of stability, planning and being practical make you feel great in your love life. These traits may not exactly be applicable for love life, as emotions are involved. There is a constant tussle of balancing opposite emotions like fury and reserve, indifference with violent jealousy and self-control against frivolity.

Most Capricorn’s love life ages like red wine. As potency of wine increases with age people with this sign need experience of age to shed the emotions of fury and reserve nature that was ruling their youth. To analyze the emotions like being indifferent to others feelings and to experience extreme and violet jealousy can only be tackled with the advent of age which will enable them to understand it better. Self-control and frivolity can only be overcome by being patient and this can be overcome by the advancing years and pave way to lead a better love life. Their emotions and inner feelings are rarely expressed, as they are shy to reveal their true feelings, as they are scared of rejection.

People of this sign just do not rush into relationship, as they are very skeptical. They like to first warm up to their partners before they want to commit themselves. Since achieving the best at whatever they do, they do not want to face disappointment, as romance is close to their heart they do not want to let down their high hopes at the first meeting. As there are lots of conflicting emotions within the Capricorn person he is not relaxed with is partner until he or she is confident of his love. With many more meetings when the Capricorn person sheds his or her inhibitions the partner can witness the fun loving personality and a boost to the beginnings of a better love life.

It takes a lot of time for men to accept a partner in their life; they tend to have strong beliefs towards expressing their inner most feelings that they remain bachelor for a long time. Capricorn men look for honesty, reliability among women and they tend to marry their colleagues. Capricorn women are not so interested in being a housewife but may get married to gain financial comfort or a social standing. There are instances that Capricorn women make a tender and a loving wife. If Capricorn people’s love life is not successful they adjust to the fact and reconcile to it and lead a life that is less suffering than other Zodiac signs.

There are twelve zodiac sun signs and only a few are compatible. With lots of research it was found that Capricorn’s love life is most successful and compatible with Taurus and Virgo and reasonable suiting their basic nature are Pisces and Scorpio and least compatible sign is Aries, Cancer and Libra.



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