Capricorn relationships

Capricorn’s are always loyal companions; though they are slow starters, there relationship would always be a long lasting one. Initially the Capricorn’s might look shy and reserved, but with proper socializing they prove to be good companions. Capricorn’s are very cautious about their relationship with others. In a perfect relationship, the Capricorn’s give them completely to make their companion feel good. Capricorn’s usually expect endless attention and prefer to have relationships that are trustworthy. Normally Capricorn’s get along very well with Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces.

Although Capricorn’s are idealist they are very practical and down to earth. But it is very difficult to convince a Capricorn with an emotional feel. So to have a continued relationship with Capricorn’s it is always better to hold back your emotions. It is very difficult for a person with constantly changing interests to have relationship with Capricorn’s.

Capricorn as a lover: Love, at times is felt as a difficult task for some Capricorn’s. This is because of the fear of losing the loved ones. When it comes to love they look for an attractive lover as they give importance for appearances. But with right person they certainly bloom in love and become a remarkably fine companion and a pleasing partner. Capricorn’s give their total love as they have only their lover’s happiness in their mind. Both enjoy it, if they share love with excitement and enthusiasm. Capricorn’s prefer a lover who genuinely loves them and adore them. Capricorn’s are romantic if they are given the full flush of love. In love, when they are aroused they are passionate and daring but when they are threatened they become possessive and desirous.

Capricorn as a friend: Capricorn will do anything for a friend, and he is always faithful. It is tough to get friendship with Capricorn’s because they always expect a structured one. If one person is able to win the affection of Capricorn, in a perfect manner, then he is blessed in his life to get an extremely dedicated friend who will be kind and helpful, to him throughout his life. They may be a little bit slow in the process of making friendship but once when it is through, they really make a faithful, loyal, and enjoyable friendship. Scorpios and Pisces can make great friendship with Capricorn’s.

Capricorn as a father: As a father Capricorn’s are very strict and demanding. Basically they are ambitious, so for their children they ensure to give them enough opportunities to have a bright future. Because of some of these qualities, sometimes children might be frightened of them. To avoid this they need to have fun with them and cheer them affectionately. Capricorn fathers are advised to listen to their children patiently and try to understand their problem.

Capricorn as a mother: As a Capricorn mother, she is keen about her child’s progress. She gives them full affection and uninterrupted attention that makes her children get full protected life and a successful career. She makes the children understand the importance of being disciplined and courteous to their guests.


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