Chinese Astrology Calendar Animal Tarot Psychic Reading Signs

Such pretty cards you would think, just like playing a game of Happy Families; but wait, there’s more to those cards than meets the eye. Those are Tarot cards and those pretty pictures are supposed to fore tell our future. Chinese astrologers who use tarot cards to read the future have learnt the art of doing so and are also very experienced. A tarot card reader should also have the inborn ability to do it meaning he should have the inbuilt instinct of the fortune teller and thereafter learn the meaning of each card before interpreting what it says about any individual. Chinese astrologers who read the animal signs on the tarot cards practice the art for several years before they become experts at it.

If you are one of those people who have ESP or extra sensory perception and the talent to see the future, you should try to learn the art of reading tarot cards which can lead you not only to a potential path for earning, but also be able to predict what is going to take place in the future which could mean so much for us humans who yearn to know what is going to happen. There are of course books from which you can learn the art or several websites which you can visit to get an idea about what tarot card reading is; but the key to reading the cards and what each animal represents is imperative because there’s always a special significance in what the cards is trying to convey to you when you read those cards.

As I said earlier, it takes quite some time to learn the meanings of all the cards; once you have done so; there are a few rules to follow when reading the cards for someone else. The first thing you must do is to ensure confidentiality of your client and also not make him feel that once you have done your reading you will force him or her to make any additional purchase of any kind. You should also explain to the persons concerned what you can tell him and what you cannot be expected to tell him through the readings. Another very important aspect of Tarot card reading are the questions that are directed to the cards. They should be precise and not confusing. If the cards that turn up don’t seem relevant to the questions you have asked, that means your questions have been vague. If your questions are direct and up to the point, there’s no reason for you to not get a direct answer. It’s something like the internet search engines. If you simply type “jobs” you will not get what you want; whereas if you type “construction engineering jobs in the Gulf” you will get what you want. The more specific the question, the closer you get to the answer.

Before you start the readings you should meditate and have a positive attitude when you prepare the list of questions to be asked. Say a prayer asking for divine guidance and repeat to yourself that “what I’m going to hear is the truth” In like manner, once you have finished reading the Tarot cards, you give thanks for guiding you towards the truth and sign off from the session and get yourself transported back to the real world. Once you have learnt the correct art of tarot card reading, you will soon learn the hang of it and have the confidence to carry out any session the same way the Chinese astrologers and other psychic reading professionals do it.


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