Chinese astrology has twelve signs of the zodiac. However, this concept must not be confused with western astrology, as the signs are not the same ones. Rather, the signs are denoted by twelve different animals. A person is said to possess the characteristics of the animals whose sign he/she belongs to. Moreover, this system of astrology is not based on the monthly birth date basis. It is related to the whole year. A person born at any time in a certain year is classified into one zodiac sign that is ruling over that year. The animals that represent the zodiac signs in Chinese astrology are:

Mouse Dragon Monkey Buffalo Snake Cock Tiger Horse Dog Cat Goat Pig

The strength of compatibility in relationships can be accurately predicted by making use of Chinese astrology system. This helps figure out if a particular zodiacal sign is a good match for another zodiacal sign. This is a very useful tool as it helps avoid many complications that may arise in relationships.

The compatibility can be measured by dividing the animal signs into four groups first. This is because each animal sign in one group will share its basic values and belief systems with that of the other animals in the same group. Although the people belonging to these animal signs may have different outside systems, their basic way of thinking and viewpoint on life is identical. This reduces the causes of friction between the two as they have a tendency to share a deep understanding and developing a bond.

These four groups have been enlisted below:


The mouse, the dragon and the monkey are said to belong to one group. This is because these three are animals that believe in doing rather than speaking. They are very optimistic in their approach towards life. They are extremely honest and offer good competition to each other, which helps each one excel and work to the best of his abilities. The mouse has streaks of cowardice; the Dragon has streaks of valour. The Monkey may be mischievous. The character traits all relate to acts.

The Dragon will completely understand the sly temperament of the monkey and the apprehensiveness of the mouse. They will complement each other and help complete each other. The Monkey needs the cleverness and astuteness possessed by the mouse. The Dragon is signified by the element of water, the mouse by the element of water too and the monkey by the element of metal.

The pairing of these three in any combination is likely to give good results.


In this case, all the animals believe in pondering to great depths. They all are very focussed on achieving their goals. The buffalo is very robust and strong but he wants the tact of the snake. The Cock will want the vigilance possessed by the snake and the might possessed by the buffalo. The cock is signified by the element of metal, the snake is signified by the element of fire and the buffalo is signified by the earth element.


People belonging to these three animal signs will be freedom loving and autonomous. They all have four feet and are very egoistic. They need each other’s traits to feel satisfied with their union. The Horse needs the Tiger’s exhilaration and the Dog’s loyalty. The Tiger will crave for the Dog’s sense of devotion and will want the constant, unrestrained movement of the horse. CAT, PIG, GOAT

These animals do not like conflicts and believe in harmony. They will work based on mutual trust and collaboration. They are not enterprising people and do possess only moderate degrees of intellect. They are not risk takers and like to play by the rules. They want sympathy, consideration, love and compassion. That is why they do well when paired with each other. Apart from this, the pig needs the cat’s wit and the goat has grounded nature. It also will feel complete with the Goat’s humbleness.


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