Chinese Astrology Dates and Tarot Card Psychic Readings

Chinese astrology dates and Tarot card psychic readings are all based on the deeper workings of psychology and on the phenomenon of cause and effect.

Chinese astrology dates identify a particular temperament for each year in a cycle of 60. A 60-year cycle is further divided into 12-year cycles representing the five primitive elements of fire, water, earth, metal and wood, one cycle for each element. And within each elemental cycle we have one year for each basic kind of temperament.

The temperaments are represented by the 12 animals who, according to legend, answered to the request of the Lord Buddha for advice concerning the question of living. The first to come was the rat. Following behind him were the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the sheep, the monkey, the rooster, the dog and the pig. In that order, the animals are designated for each 12-year cycle. An individual may therefore be a water dragon, a metal dragon or as people born in 2010 are, a metal tiger. In this regard, people born in the current year, 2010 are all metal temperaments, very forceful and very incisive personalities with a tendency to quick arousal.

In some strange way, if you look up your animal sign in Chinese Astrology, you will find a correlation between the traits of your animal avatar and your own personality. Such an insight leads to a better understanding of the inner workings of your mind. And such an understanding can eventually lead to enlightenment so that you know how and when to address the concern for individual and interpersonal fulfillment that is everyone’s goal in life.

Taro card psychic readings, on the other hand, depend on the belief that nothing is done by chance and that what we consider to be chance events are actually very purposeful. The act of picking out cards “by chance,” from a deck, whether it is you or the psychic who does it, is believed to actually reflect your personality and its possibilities as they exist at the precise moment that the card was selected. The card then provides invaluable insight for the person being read on the things that are foremost in his subconscious at the time of the reading. This accounts for the fact that sometimes, a card will have nothing to say about what you are consciously thinking. Instead, the Tarot card will elucidate some critical issue in your subconscious. The Tarot card is only a prediction in the sense that you can alter, with a sincere heart and mind, the spiritual forces that tend to manifest in your life as good or bad events. For the rest, the Tarot card is really a mirror of your paramount concerns. Although these concerns may vary from one second to the next, the cards they produce will be more or less related. Having psychic readings done by a clairvoyant are better than doing it yourself because the clairvoyant can discern things we normally can’t. However, trying your hand at Tarot card readings will be one way of developing the intuitive faculty in yourself.


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