Chinese astrology is a very old astrology. It was developed thousands of years ago. But many people around the world go through this. People who believe this astrology go to the zodiac of Chinese regularly. The base of Chinese astrology is a lunar cycle of 12 year. You can determine your sign in the year in which you have born. The sign represents the 12 animals. Lord Buddha choosed the Chinese zodiac signs of 12 animals. He honoured each sign. The interesting part of Chinese astrology is expressing the compatibility. This tells you which make you a good lover? Partner? It is also very close to Chinese philosophy. The five major planets with which the Chinese refer are:

• White tiger for Venus, the element is metal. • Azure dragon for Jupiter, the element is wood. • Vermillion bird for mars, the element is fire • Black Tortoise for mercury, the element is water. • Yellow dragon for Saturn, the element is earth.

The destiny of a person is determined by the location of a planet at the time of birth of a person. Chinese astrology romance compatibility also included with the position of sun, moon and the zodiac sign. Observation of the sign of animal is base on the orbit of Jupiter. The celestial circles are divided into 12 sections, by the Chinese astronomer. Calculation of once fate is based on date of birth, season of birth and the birth hour. The lunar cycle are divided into 4 groups. According to the season these are further divided into 7 sub groups based on “lunar mansion” in that seasons. Seasons are also called on animal name.

In Chinese astrology and romance compatibility animals play an important role. Elements also take part in that. The planets in the Chinese astrology may occur in Yin or Yang form according to the year.12 different types of personality are represented in Chinese sigh of zodiac. It starts from rat and ended with pig. Romance compatibility explains the relationship between the zodiac sign of two person and its potential. Many factors are involved in choosing a correct mate. If you are kind and truthfull then you can get a good companion. You can compatable wit the people who born under the same element.

This will form a very successful love relationship with each other. It is very safe to know the sign of a person with which you are going to compatible. In Chinese astrology and romance compatibility you can know your compatible by yourself. You start from your own sign, and move in the direction of clockwise or anti clockwise, then the fifth sign will be your compatible sign. Eg. the two compatible sign for rat are dragon and monkey. Possible compatible for you can be choosen by this way. The relation ship between you and your partner could establish respects and romance in a good working environment.

In Chinese astrology romance compatibility the sign of the large animal is willing to match with the smaller one then they become a good compatible.

The computation of compatibility is based on the zodiac sign of individual. The computation undertake the ruling planet along with the elements between you and your pair. A Chinese astrology romance compatibility give information to observe the compatibility of two person with their success potential relationship


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