Compatibility between Capricorn and Libra

Capricorn is an organized individual and this characteristic would appeal to Libra and would be attracted. Libra makes a good host to entertain Capricorn and would make them feel great about the relationship. Capricorn and Libra match may not be a perfect one but would work if both give up certain traits and can to meet the others requirement. Capricorn’s are very ambitious and always look for attention from their partners and Libra would create the environment for them until they personally get tied up. This would create a strain in the relationship and it has to be balanced by efforts of Libra, as Capricorn never stoops down in such situation.

The key advantage involved in the compatibility for Capricorn and Libra is the fact that they tend to have a sense of balance in the relationship and they are always loyal to each other. The love life between Capricorn and Libra would not be affected due to any quarrel or one of them being unfaithful. The personality issue would be an important factor to have problems between Capricorn and Libran’s. They always want their individuality to be respected especially in love life and would get quickly affected if it is wounded.

The communication between Capricorn and Libra will be fantastic and would be binding factor between them. They would communicate to each other very well in their bedroom and will be able to cater to each other’s needs effortlessly. The sexual aspect of their relationship would get hot and make them get closer and have better communication between them. This aspect of having strong communication will allow them to support each other through bad and good times. Libra will expect the love to expressed verbally and Capricorn’s are not good at doing it and eventually the relationship is strained. Capricorn’s bring their work to the bedroom which is not liked by Libran’s and it would be difficult for Libran’s to bring the work out of the mind of Capricorn’s.

Capricorn’s are very serious about financial aspects and they are more practical and quite often penny-pincher. Libran’s have “easy come easy go” attitude and want to live an extravagant lifestyle. This would generally create conflict in the relationship and each of them would like to have their finances managed by themselves rather being dependent on others. Capricorn’s are always forward thinking people and have an inability to leave work at work place. In contrast Libra will be enjoying their present day life and enjoying their relationship. This conflict in thinking would always land them in trouble. One more important aspect that would stand in the way of relationship between Capricorn and Libra is secret. Capricorn’s always keep secrets to themselves and Libran’s would always be open and they would not appreciate if anything is kept away from them.

Capricorn’s always tend to project their image and their personal achievements in any discussion. They have sharp focus on their goal and would never deviate from it for other’s sake. Libran’s too are sharp but live in present day situation and always want their partners to understand their needs and wants and fulfill it. While Capricorn and Libra will be able to teach each other about life but they may not be a solid long-term match.


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