Compatibility for Aquarius and Aries

Aries, having the marvelous Mars as their ruling planet and Bull as their zodiac sign is very daring and adventurous by nature. They are normally energetic and confident. They like to explore new things and projects in their life. They will always look for some new things to happen in their life. The Aries having fire as their ruling element have some weaknesses too. They are self centered and impulsive and they are short tempered too. Many like their innocence so their occasional aggressive behavior is balanced by their innocence.

Aquarius being the second last zodiac sign has Uranus as their ruling planet and air is their ruling element. Their zodiac sign is the water bearer and their lucky colors are electric blue and turquoise. Aquarians are very friendly, kind and compassionate. They are intelligent and very practical in their move. But at times they are unpredictable and adamant. They don’t like to adhere to conventions and they normally don’t take up responsibilities. They have an attractive and interesting personality.

The compatibility for Aquarius and Aries is perfect and well balanced. They both are idealistic by nature and one knows to appreciate others performance. They are enthusiastic about their life and the Aries and Aquarius feel that excitement and experiencing new things are very essential for life. They both love thrill and showing off. The Aries and Aquarius love freedom and independence and they both enjoy giving each other the individuality and liberty.

When there is an issue between the two they approach it dynamically and try to find a solution for the problem. Their progressive approach to problems in their life make them get out of their issues easily and simply. There is no place for boring or monotonous in their love life as both are outgoing, vivacious and energetic. The insecured feeling of the Aries is well dealt with the skill and tact of the Aquarius. The Aquarians are more confident and independent than the Aries, so this some times make the Aries feel neglected.

The degree of compatibility for Aquarius and Aries is great as they share the same character traits of freedom, excitement and independence. The relationship between the Aries and Aquarius shows dynamism and vivacity. They both have difficulty in adhering to conventions and rules and many a times they tend to go against tradition. The best part of this love relationship is that they respect each other’s individuality and uniqueness.

The enterprise and autonomy of the Aries is always appreciated by the Aquarius, while the Aries show interest in the innovative and exceptional ideas of the Aquarius. But there are times when the Aries get irritated because of the untimely impulsiveness of the Aquarius. The compatibility for Aquarius and Aries shows that they make a great pair, as both are energetic and vivacious by nature. Initially they might take time to get adjusted with each other but once they start their life together, it will go never ending. Their life will be peaceful and at the same time exciting as they both wish.


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