Relationship with Aquarius Male

The Zodiac sign of Aquarius begins on January 21st and lasts till February 19th. Generally people born under this sign tend to be witty, original, clever, kind hearted, and inventive, in terms of the good qualities. In terms of weaknesses, Aquarians generally are stubborn, sarcastic to the point of being rude, aloof, rebellious, and often unemotional. Aquarians are usually quite independent and they don’t really need anyone in their life if it’s going to hold them back or restrict them in any manner. Having their own freedom is of prime importance to an Aquarian and it is actually necessary for their well being.

Being in a relationship with Aquarius male is not that easy. You might be the prettiest girl in the whole world, but if you are unable to hold the interest of an Aquarius male with your intellect, then chances are that you have no chance of having a relationship with him. Communication, and that too intellectually stimulating communication, is important to an Aquarius male. However, you will find that an Aquarius male will generally struggle to display his emotions. This is because of his lack of emotions overall. He does not have the ability to understand emotions and therefore he will never be able to get his words out straight.

If you are in a relationship with Aquarius male, then you have to watch out for the fact that an Aquarius man can easily fall in and out of love. You have to be able to adapt to his requirements, not the other way round. Most importantly, you will have to be patient with him because he will not change for anyone and you will have to accept him the way he is.

Do remember that Aquarians hate to be tied down and so you cannot expect to last long in a relationship with Aquarius male if you keep on constantly nagging him. Let him be and give him his space and watch him remain faithful to you. It is a sin to be jealous in a relationship with Aquarians and do not make the mistake of treading on to his privacy. When he is ready, he will share his life with you, and then there will be no secrets at all.

Your sex life with an Aquarius male is going to be fun and creative. Since they are not the emotional type, sex is not going to be of an emotional kind, but more like a fun game. Erogenous zones on an Aquarius male include the ankles and the calves.

If you want to get into a relationship with Aquarius male, then again, communication will play a major role here. You have to be able to stimulate them intellectually and be friendly, yet witty in your conversations. Only then will you be able to hook on his attention to you. Brain exercise is a top priority for all Aquarians.

A relationship with an Aquarius male is not at all difficult to hold on to, as long as you are able to mentally stimulate an Aquarian.


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