Taurus & cancer zodiac intertwined tattoo

Taurus the second sun sign of the zodiac is ruled by Venus. Taurus sun sign is represented by a bull. There are many stories which relate to the significance of the bull in the history of this sun sign. People born between April 21 and May 21 fall under this sun sign. People born under this sun sign are very strong headed and stubborn. They represent qualities like reliability, strong will, intelligence and practical outlook. Cancer the fourth sun sign also shows similar traits of a Taurus. Both of them are ruled by the planet Venus and represent the negative and positive side or day and night. Cancerians are born between June 22 and July 22.people born under this sun sign display similar traits of the Taurus sun sign.

They are very intuitive and have great understanding for people’s feelings. They are moody and very sensitive. Tattoos are a rage in the fashion world today. Tattoos represent who you are. Many people prefer to get tattoos according to their sun signs. A person can get a Taurus & cancer zodiac intertwined tattoo because both these signs complement each other perfectly. When a person born under the Taurus sun sign, falls in love with someone born under cancer sun sign, the degree of compatibility cannot be duplicated. A Taurus & cancer zodiac intertwined tattoo is just perfect for them. A Taurus & cancer zodiac intertwined tattoo also has astrological significance. When a Taurus & cancer zodiac intertwined tattoo is inked, it brings fertility and enhances the love between the two sun signs. There are many ideas when it comes to a Taurus & cancer intertwined tattoo. Taurus being the earth sign and cancer being the water sign an image with both the elements will look unique. One can also get the image of a half bull half crab inked. It could have the head of a bull with the body of a crab. There are many tattoo artists who will provide one with different ideas and concepts about the intertwined zodiac tattoo. One can also get the zodiac symbols of both the signs inked inside a heart. Something feminine would be an image consisting of lilies and water lilies. Lilly is the flower of Taurus and Water Lilly is of a cancer. A beautiful tattoo in pink and silver would also look great. Pink being the colour of Taurus sun sign and silver is the colour of cancer sun sign. Intertwined tattoos are considered to be very romantic and why not? They comprise likes of both the partners. Intertwined tattoos may not necessarily be inked for your loved ones. You can get it inked if you feel strongly about some sun sign other than your own. Intertwined tattoos represent the selfless side of a person. Also they are very much in vogue this season. Go select your Taurus & cancer intertwined tattoo and get it inked. Bring a smile to your partner’s face with an intertwined tattoo this anniversary.


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