Gemini is the astrological zodiac sign that stands third among the twelve zodiac signs. The zodiac symbol representing this zodiac sign is twins. People born on any day between May 21 and June 21 belong to this zodiac sign. Mercury is the planet that rules this zodiac sign and is closely associated with this astrological sign. According to astrology, this zodiac sign is masculine, positive and extrovert by character and is considered to be an air sign and one among the four mutable signs. People born with the four mutable signs also known as bi-corporal signs, are sharp, resourceful, sympathetic and adaptable. Since the people born with Gemini sign are bicorporal in nature, they experience duality in their life like two main vocations and two main loves.

Leo being the fifth zodiac sign represents people born on dates from July 23 to August 22. Sun presides over this sign. It is considered to be a fire sign and also a fixed sign. This sign is also masculine, extrovert and positive. This zodiac sign is symbolized by Lion. People belonging to this sign aspire for fame and radiate high confidence. They don’t rely on others but on themselves which makes them assertive.

They have extraordinary capability to impress the thoughts of others making them leaders and completing their work in time. As a leader of political party, this person can have a large number of followers and win elections easily. Her assertive voice appeals to the party members and they are driven to good actions like social service and national security. As a CEO of an establishment, she motivates the managers and the staff to higher standards of work, thereby increasing the profitability of the company. As an actor, she shines in the hearts of her fans as the queen of cinema industry.
A man belonging to Gemini sign gets attracted towards a Leo girl.

This man has more appetite for learning which matches well with the girl’s ability to show off what she knows. This man has hard to satisfy curiosity and innate drive to solve problems. The Leo girl is interested in having his attention focused towards her. He should spend time with the girl in isolated areas and should not dominate the girl during social gatherings. This gesture can enhance their love relationship. The Leo girl cannot expect ego-stroking from the man but he expresses true feelings for her. The man’s liking for ridicule is disliked by his lover, who expects him to adore. The creative instinct of the man results in a great passion for her. The companionship of Gemini man never leaves a moment of boredom. The girl’s self-confidence of her superiority over her lover is a matter of stress for him. Her pursuit of career after marriage should not be hindered by the man. She is hospitable in nature and always invites many guests at home. She spends lavishly in giving gifts to her lover. The Gemini man’s flexibility and sympathetic attitude makes him see both sides of the situation and adjust with the Leo girl.


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