Did You Think About Money when You Woke Up this Morning?

Did you wake up this morning and think about money? Did you say, “How am I ever going to pay the bills next month?” It’s a shock that most people think of this word as soon as they wake up in the morning. It’s the first thing that they think about before going to work. It’s a tough spot to be in since so many people around the world are stuck in a never ending rat race of going to work and having a bad pay check every week. They will know that in ten years, they will still be broke. Everyone seems to go through the same thing in America. With all of the money that is in this beautiful country, people have a problem with having too much wealth. Too much is never enough for most people. I think that work should give you satisfaction and rewards. We are becoming a country that gives very little rewards and most workers are really just slaves. They are working to make their bosses rich and powerful while they suffer in their own lives.

In my opinion, a slave is someone that gets paid nothing or close to nothing and who has to be bound to the boss for life because if he or she leaves, she will be homeless, poor and with nothing. It’s a sad reality. However, I find this to be true in so many cases. I’m tired of watching my friends working for someone over and over again. They get nowhere financially and are always broke. It’s hard to explain if you are not there. However, if you are like 90% of America, you are struggling to pay your bills every day. Thanks to the bad economy, Americans are now seeing their credit card balances slashed and there is nothing that you can do about it. It’s either you cry about it or do something about it. You can’t really do anything if you don’t have much money to begin with. I think that if you have a lot of money, then you should share it with other people. However, if you are broke, then you have to do your best. I suggest that you go to church and cry out to God each and every day. He will give you what you need and take care of your needs each and every day. I think that it’s horrible that we have to live in a culture where money is the ruler of all things. If you don’t have any, then you are basically a piece of crap. It’s put plain and simple there. However, God doesn’t look at you like this. He loves you whether you have money or not. He created you after all and he does love you. You have to try and be faithful to God for as long as you can and be willing to go where he asks you to go. God can sometimes put you in a very difficult situation and actually ask you to respond to it in some sort of way. I think that we all have to feel a dependency upon God for one thing or another. We have to look at our own lives and realize that God is fully in charge. We cannot think that money can rule over us. However, we must know that God will provide and take care of all our needs each and every day.


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