Drugs psychic abilities

While we deal with the psychic abilities of a human being it’s vital to think about the factors that inversely affect these abilities and there lies the importance of drugs psychic abilities. According to R.D Laing, doctors always try to kill patients with cures to attain their fortunes and in psychiatry they will cause the dea6th of the spirit or the soul. Many experiences have shown that drugs psychic abilities will always work in way that an individual can never attain his or her spiritual strength while on the drugs, what ever it may be. And it was reported that about 1.5 million people of the United Kingdom alone are under the use of tranquilizers.

Its better to get on to the experience of a lady, Ms Mary Abraham , resident of the Britain who has been taken Valium for 3 years, She has told that earlier she was doing a great magic with telepathy that she was a good mind reader for many. But once she started to take the valium her drugs psychic abilities too began to rule her that she was never again able to reach her spiritual trance. She is telling that slowly her psychic ability were slowing and she had experienced that though she were able to reach her sensors she was unable to further deal with it and make things happen. This shows that many of the drugs are hindering or even altering the spiritual energy levels surrounding ones body. This simply means that drugs are certain incapacitates that makes an individual devoid of his connection to the spiritual world. Today our world id going behind the wide range of chemical use and radioactive research works and these will surely affect ones genetic structural make up. These cause the mind to change its thoughts or even will lose its psychic abilities. Some of these drugs psychic abilities are of long term consequence and it will definitely change or even disturbs an individual’s personality. If things continues like this , then there is a chance in the future time , when people even seems to be pathological once they get the thought of a spiritual energy or a soul. Actually the drugs especially that which effect the mind constituency has a greater impact on our spiritual wellness and psychic abilities and you may feel yourself disgusted with extremes of thoughts and will never find a balance in your mode of thinking and spiritual well being.

As you know, any living body is surrounded by an energy envelope called ‘aura’, consisting of seven energy levels. These seven levels or layers have different functions and it keeps the soul too protected in the most secure way. Any disturbance to any of these will disturb your body as well your mind. Drug psychic abilities affect the auras of any individual whether psychic or not and it may slowly decrease ones power to carry the things on with his spiritual energy. There for e we could just say that our spirit or the soul will lose its existence with the aid of drug psychic abilities.


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