Leo is the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac, out of the twelve zodiac signs. People born between July 23 and August 22 belong to this sign. Lion is the symbol for this zodiac. This zodiac sign is presided by the Sun. It is said to be a fire sign and one of the four fixed signs. Leo females born in this fire sign are known for their positive attitude and they are extroverted. Being physically attractive, they are creatively active and ingenious. People with this sign exude mega-confidence and are interested in publicity. Their fixed motivation brings about self-reliance.

Their leadership quality springs from assertiveness and their ability to act upon others’ minds. They are good at completing the action and clinching the deal. A blend of self-confidence with humility brings about maturity in the leadership quality of Leo females. They take equal interest in romantic life and career. They are freedom loving and rarely commit themselves to a lifelong marriage. Being hospitable in nature, Leo females spend lavishly in treating guests in their home. Leo people can be relied upon at any time. They follow give and take policy as far as loyalty is concerned. A girl with Leo sign can be compatible with a boy of zodiac sign Gemini. They must share common interests and passions. Gemini’s thirst for new avenues of learning is quenched by Leo’s extroverted showing off. The Leo girl prefers to get her lover’s energy fully focused towards her but Gemini boy’s eagerness to communicate and socialize with other people raises some conflict between the pair. Leo girl wants to be the center of attraction in social gatherings. This quality has to be tackled carefully by the Gemini boy by maintaining a low profile in public, thereby ensuring a long-lasting relationship. The Leo female has to understand the true emotions of love from the Gemini boy. It is difficult to match a girl with Leo sign and a boy of the same zodiac, unless they compromise with each other. There is always a dispute between them regarding the decision maker.

Leo people are born for highly energetic jobs intercepted by rest and relaxation intervals. They exploit any situation that demands leadership. Leo people are attracted towards prestigious and status demanding career. Some of the popular professions that a Leo person can take up are Film actor, Politician, Professor and CEO of a reputed company.

Persons with Leo as zodiac sign have some negative points to their character. They tend to be irresponsible and they neglect dealing with detail because of eagerness for bigger achievement. They are so outspoken that they can irritate sensitive people by their criticism. Some people with this sign are materialistic. By being egocentric, Leo females tend to become rude and cutting. Being an obstinate leader, wrong decisions taken by Leo people can hamper many followers at a time. Though Leo people have great sense of humor, they can be fierce when locked in a battle with a sworn enemy. They like to be surrounded by flattering people.


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