God Knows What is Best for Us

People all over the world are wondering what is going to happen to them next. The economy has gotten so many people down this holiday season. We have no idea when it’s going to come back up again or if it ever will. It may be many years before we start hearing the media saying good things about money and the state of the economy. I however believe that the economy is in God’s hands. I think that when we worry about money to much, we begin to see changes on a regular basis. When we worry too much about money, it actually adds nothing to our lives. I think that is why God is always telling us to not worry about money. We are instead called to trust in Him. When we trust in God, we can become something greater. We can begin to see for ourselves that God is fully in charge and we can look for circumstances that are only going to bless us. When we look at our lives in general, we can begin to see just what God is doing. He is trying to shake the world up. He is trying to show us that He is still here and that He lives. He is still God. Even though the world is telling you that your money is no good and that we are headed for financial ruin, God just looks down at us and says, “I have it all under control and I know what I am doing. I am happy to say that I rely and trust in God on everything that I do. I believe that God can give us the kind of love that we desire each and every step of the way. We can begin to focus in on our lives as we take a look inside of our soul. We should always be thankful and willing that we have a God that truly cares for us and who is willing to provide for all of our needs.


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